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99 posted by caitlin (200209)

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Idolise for your usual Sunday update. Nikki and I are parked at our favorite Starbucks coffee, we have our overpriced coffee, and we don't have anything too important to mention this week. It's going to be a short and sweet one.

Deck Votes

As a lot of you are already aware, our deck releases are entirely based off of your votes. When we are finalizing our list on Sunday, the only adjustments we make are evening out the boy/girl ratio, and making sure that there are no duplicated artists on the list. Otherwise, the list is entirely based off of your votes.

We understand that it may seem difficult, given the amount of decks, to imagine that the one you're voting for will actually be released... But at this point in time, if you vote for a deck as your top deck for a few weeks, it will come out. We promise.

Also, at this time, I want to mention that I am making a lot of decks this month to ready our stockpile for what is going to be a busy semester at school for me. I know that it's a lot to take in, and having that many decks to vote for is scary, but there's no rush. The decks are not going anywhere!

Retiring This Week (We didn't forget for once)

This week, we are retiring Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake and Infinite - Bad. If you want more information about the 2015 deck retirement schedule, or why we're retiring decks, please click here.


My beautiful best friend has updated Set 1 for you guys, and our Weekly Set can be played for new cards.

As always, our forum games will be updated throughout the day today, so keep an eye out for those as well! They're easy cards to earn.

New Decks

This week, our Shinya has requested tbz-giddyupyounghoon!

Otherwise, here is your update randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 22 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ab6ix-breathedonghyun, clc-noohoh, dc-piriyoohyeon, eunji-thespring, gf-roughsinb, gidle-senoritaminnie, got7-hardcarrybambam, holland-neverland, ikon-goodbyeroad, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung, izone-violetachaewon, loona-butterflyoliviahye, mmld-baamdaisy, mx-shootoutshownu, oneus-valkyriexion, sf9-noworneverchani, svt-chocolate, tbz-giddyupyounghoon, twice-ttsana, x1-flasheunsang
caitlin (200209)

Mari  @ 10 Feb 2020 10:36 am

New Decks: clc-noohoh01, clc-noohoh02, dc-piriyoohyeon01, dc-piriyoohyeon02, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung01, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung02, izone-violetachaewon01, izone-violetachaewon02, mmld-baamdaisy01, mmld-baamdaisy02, svt-chocolate01, svt-chocolate02, twice-ttsana01, twice-ttsana02, ikon-goodbyeroad18, gidle-senoritaminnie19, tbz-giddyupyounghoon02, sf9-noworneverchani13, holland-neverland09, mx-shootoutshownu15

Shinya  @ 10 Feb 2020 01:11 pm

Update (200209): ab6ix-breathedonghyun13, ab6ix-breathedonghyun17, dc-piriyoohyeon13, dc-piriyoohyeon17, izone-violetachaewon13, izone-violetachaewon17, oneus-valkyriexion13, oneus-valkyriexion17, sf9-noworneverchani13, sf9-noworneverchani17, svt-chocolate13, svt-chocolate17, tbz-giddyupyounghoon13, tbz-giddyupyounghoon17, twice-ttsana13, twice-ttsana17, holland-neverland13, holland-neverland17, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung13, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung17

Selena  @ 10 Feb 2020 07:50 pm

New Decks: loona-butterflyoliviahye01, loona-butterflyoliviahye02, eunji-thespring09, tbz-giddyupyounghoon08, gf-roughsinb02, clc-noohoh05, got7-hardcarrybambam05, izone-violetachaewon05, x1-flasheunsang05, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung09, svt-chocolate09, ikon-goodbyeroad09, mx-shootoutshownu08, ab6ix-breathedonghyun08, twice-ttsana08, mmld-baamdaisy08, dc-piriyoohyeon16, oneus-valkyriexion16, gidle-senoritaminnie16, sf9-noworneverchani16

Pam  @ 12 Feb 2020 07:45 am

took eunji-thespring18, mmld-baamdaisy13, got7-hardcarrybambam01, gidle-senoritaminnie08, ab6ix-breathedonghyun06, izone-violetachaewon11, gf-roughsinb14, twice-ttsana03, oneus-valkyriexion05, sf9-noworneverchani05, tbz-giddyupyounghoon15, dc-piriyoohyeon10, clc-noohoh10, holland-neverland10, x1-flasheunsang10, mx-shootoutshownu10, svt-chocolate09, \r\n ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung09, loona-butterflyoliviahye09, ikon-goodbyeroad09

Catherine  @ 12 Feb 2020 11:42 pm

sf9-noworneverchani12, sf9-noworneverchani11, gidle-senoritaminnie12, gidle-senoritaminnie11, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung10, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung11, oneus-valkyriexion12, oneus-valkyriexion11, got7-hardcarrybambam12, got7-hardcarrybambam11, dc-piriyoohyeon12, dc-piriyoohyeon11, ab6ix-breathedonghyun12, ab6ix-breathedonghyun11

kei  @ 13 Feb 2020 05:19 pm

Update #99: izone-violetachaewon01, izone-violetachaewon04, twice-ttsana04, twice-ttsana10, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung10, tbz-giddyupyounghoon05, x1-flasheunsang09, mx-shootoutshownu07, svt-chocolate13, eunji-thespring04, gidle-senoritaminnie10, oneus-valkyriexion19, loona-butterflyoliviahye19, gf-roughsinb17, holland-neverland09, dc-piriyoohyeon09, ikon-goodbyeroad09, ab6ix-breathedonghyun09, clc-noohoh09, mmld-baamdaisy04

Usagi  @ 14 Feb 2020 06:32 pm

New Decks (200209): clc-noohoh19, clc-noohoh20, gidle-senoritaminnie19, gidle-senoritaminnie20, ikon-goodbyeroad19, ikon-goodbyeroad20, loona-butterflyoliviahye19, loona-butterflyoliviahye20, twice-ttsana19, twice-ttsana20, x1-flasheunsang19, x1-flasheunsang20, svt-chocolate19, svt-chocolate20, oneus-valkyriexion19, oneus-valkyriexion20, mx-shootoutshownu19, mx-shootoutshownu20, dc-piriyoohyeon19, dc-piriyoohyeon20

Mya  @ 15 Feb 2020 09:57 am

Update (#99): ab6ix-breathedonghyun07, ab6ix-breathedonghyun20, dc-piriyoohyeon07, dc-piriyoohyeon20, izone-violetachaewon07, izone-violetachaewon20, oneus-valkyriexion07, oneus-valkyriexion20, sf9-noworneverchani07, sf9-noworneverchani20, svt-chocolate07, svt-chocolate20, tbz-giddyupyounghoon07, tbz-giddyupyounghoon20, twice-ttsana06, twice-ttsana20, holland-neverland07, holland-neverland20, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung07, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung20

Casa  @ 15 Feb 2020 03:39 pm

New Decks: holland-neverland08, holland-neverland20, gidle-senoritaminnie04, gidle-senoritaminnie12, loona-butterflyoliviahye05, loona-butterflyoliviahye01, twice-ttsana03, twice-ttsana15, gf-roughsinb18, svt-chocolate10, izone-violetachaewon13, ab6ix-breathedonghyun18, oneus-valkyriexion07, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung14, mmld-baamdaisy01, dc-piriyoohyeon01, clc-noohoh01, sf9-noworneverchani18, eunji-thespring18, x1-flasheunsang09

Lex  @ 15 Feb 2020 07:17 pm

New Decks: clc-noohoh04, clc-noohoh12, dc-piriyoohyeon03, dc-piriyoohyeon18, loona-butterflyoliviahye12, loona-butterflyoliviahye18, mmld-baamdaisy05, mmld-baamdaisy16, twice-ttsana11, twice-ttsana18, eunji-thespring14, gf-roughsinb13, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung15, izone-violetachaewon18, x1-flasheunsang12, sf9-noworneverchani14, oneus-valkyriexion18, ab6ix-breathedonghyun14, ikon-goodbyeroad16, got7-hardcarrybambam19, mx-shootoutshownu17, tbz-giddyupyounghoon12\r\n\r\nDeck Vote Coupon: gidle-senoritaminnie14

Whitney  @ 15 Feb 2020 07:48 pm

New Decks: tbz-giddyupyounghoon08, svt-chocolate17, twice-ttsana04, got7-hardcarrybambam05, mmld-baamdaisy17, izone-violetachaewon03, sf9-noworneverchani03, eunji-thespring15, oneus-valkyriexion11, dc-piriyoohyeon11, mx-shootoutshownu15, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung02, loona-butterflyoliviahye03, twice-ttsana09, ab6ix-breathedonghyun03, gf-roughsinb03, x1-flasheunsang03, gidle-senoritaminnie03, got7-hardcarrybambam10, eunji-thespring05, tbz-giddyupyounghoon20, loona-butterflyoliviahye10 -- Thank you!

Larlic  @ 16 Feb 2020 05:46 am

Deck Pulls: gf-roughsinb04, clc-noohoh16, loona-butterflyoliviahye17, tbz-giddyupyounghoon02, x1-flasheunsang03, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung07, mmld-baamdaisy11, gidle-senoritaminnie11, izone-violetachaewon06, ab6ix-breathedonghyun12, gidle-senoritaminnie10, twice-ttsana12, twice-ttsana11, sf9-noworneverchani12, mx-shootoutshownu18, ikon-goodbyeroad18, svt-chocolate18, dc-piriyoohyeon11, oneus-valkyriexion11, oneus-valkyriexion10

todoke  @ 16 Feb 2020 08:33 pm

Update #99: eunji-thespring05, eunji-thespring08, izone-violetachaewon02, izone-violetachaewon09, mmld-baamdaisy08, mmld-baamdaisy19, mx-shootoutshownu05, mx-shootoutshownu15, oneus-valkyriexion07, oneus-valkyriexion15, sf9-noworneverchani10, sf9-noworneverchani11, twice-ttsana07, twice-ttsana16, ab6ix-breathedonghyun05, ab6ix-breathedonghyun14, gidle-senoritaminnie07, gidle-senoritaminnie15, got7-hardcarrybambam09, got7-hardcarrybambam17

Mirabel  @ 19 Feb 2020 09:12 pm

deck pulls: ikon-goodbyeroad19, ikon-goodbyeroad20 (2/20)

Sanna  @ 23 Feb 2020 12:16 am

New Decks (99): dc-piriyoohyeon13, dc-piriyoohyeon14, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung13, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung14, izone-violetachaewon17, izone-violetachaewon18, twice-ttsana15, twice-ttsana16, got7-hardcarrybambam13, got7-hardcarrybambam14, gidle-senoritaminnie18, gidle-senoritaminnie19, loona-butterflyoliviahye09, loona-butterflyoliviahye10, x1-flasheunsang13, x1-flasheunsang14, svt-chocolate13, svt-chocolate14

Mirabel  @ 05 Mar 2020 04:15 pm

deck pulls: mx-shootoutshownu11, mx-shootoutshownu12 (4/20)

yangdizzy  @ 17 Mar 2020 07:49 pm

Update (200209): ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung01, ioi-veryveryverykyulkyung04, mx-shootoutshownu01, mx-shootoutshownu02, twice-ttsana08, twice-ttsana10, izone-violetachaewon01, izone-violetachaewon08, oneus-valkyriexion06, oneus-valkyriexion01, holland-neverland01, holland-neverland04, tbz-giddyupyounghoon01, tbz-giddyupyounghoon03, svt-chocolate15, svt-chocolate17, clc-noohoh11, clc-noohoh14 (18/18)

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