The Retirement of 2015 Decks

The Problem: Idolise is bloated in all directions. Member trade posts are bloated with old decks, and our donation document is bloated with old donations. A lot of artists who have been active since 2015 have more donations than we will ever possibly get to.

At the time of writing this announcement (December 2018), there are currently 886 decks that have not been made in our donation document, and 200 decks sitting in upcoming.

We release 15 decks each week. Even if all of the decks in our donation document were made, it would take us more than 18 months to release all of these decks. This is not taking into consideration the fact that we get (on average) more than 100 new donations each month.

By the time that we get through those 18 months, we would have another 1800 donations, on top of what we already have.

With new groups debuting every month, and multiple comebacks every week, your admins must make difficult decisions to ensure that the TCG is moving forward in a healthy way. The retirement of old decks happens at every TCG, and due to the nature of our "eras", we have decided to do it by year of that physical release. It is not up to use to decide which decks are unpopular, and therefor the most worthy of retirement, and this is the fairest way to handle this.

The Important Details

  • We have a full list of which decks are retiring and when here.
  • Although we are retiring these decks, we are not asking members to exchange them for other cards.
  • These retired decks can still be mastered for regular mastery rewards.
  • These retired decks can still be found in member trade posts, and will continue to be worth 1, like any regular card.
  • These cards will eventually be available for purchase in our shop, under a special 2015 card pack and reduced price.
  • These cards will eventually become available through freebies and our Boo trade-bot.

  • In short -- we are only removing these cards from our randomizers. This means, that you will no longer find them in rewards and that's all.