Mini Mastery

A Mini Mastery is exactly what it sounds like: Mastering a miniature deck. With each new month comes a new theme, which will either be chosen by your admin team or picked from a list of suggestions from our members! If you'd like to suggest a theme, we have a form located HERE! Submissions will not earn you prizes, but you will receive a lot of love from your admin team!

» Each round will last for one calendar month and this game will be refreshed with our usual monthly games on the 1st.

» In order to complete a mini mastery, 5 sequence cards must be collected. Your first mini mastery must include card01, card02, card03, card04, card05. The second would include card06, card07, card08, card09, card10, etc. That means you can collect up to 20 cards that fit our theme, just as long as each card is numbered correctly.

» In each set of 5 cards, you can not include the same idol more than once. To add additional challenge, the same idol can not be featured in the same 10 card sequence. What this means is: If the theme were something incredibly simple, such as girls, you would need to include 10 unique idols (all female) in your first two sets, which would be numbered 1-5 and 6-10. In 11-15, and 16-20, you could use idols from your original two sets one more time.

» Once you complete a mini mastery, you CAN NOT trade those cards away. Please create a section in your trade pile to show off your mini masteries or master them as you normally would.

» Your mastery badge image must fit the theme and be fan taken, like all of our mastery badges.

For completing one of these mini masteries, you'll be rewarded with 2 random cards and 1 custom badge, which can be requested through our FORUM. There is no form for mastering this deck and it must be done through the forum, where rewards will be filled by a member of our team. Custom badges will be added to your profiles to help you show off your achievements.

Looking for information on how to master one of these decks in ETCG? Click HERE.

Mini Mastery 13 - Member's Choice

This month is dedicated to your favourite idols! That's right, you can collect any cards you want as long as they feature your best babies. Obviously, the admins don't really know who all of your favourites are so we're just kind of counting on you guys to stick to an honour system and actually collect your faves. We are also changing our rules on how often you can use an idol for this month only, so listen up! You're allowed to use the same idol as many times as you want, as long as each set of five that you hand in has five different decks in it. This means that theoretically cards 1-5 could all be of the same idol if you're that dedicated, as long as there are five different decks featured! Music video decks are acceptable, as well. This month's sample deck is just Nikki showing off her faves, thanks for looking :)

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