Lost N Found

Kei has some cards for you, but it's not as much fun if she just gives them to you, right? She's going to send you on a little scavenger hunt.

» Check out Kei's hints below, and try to figure out what idols she's talking about!
» Check out those idol's decks and click on the card that corresponds with the number of the hint. If you're right, you'll be taken to a reward page! If not, try another of their decks.
» If you're struggling, check out kprofiles.com and do a little search! That may or may not be where we get our hints from ;)

Your hints!

1. He became a trainee in 2009, first debuting in a duo before later debuting in a full idol group. He loves to read, especially Haruki Murakami, and he's more of a cat person than a dog person.

2. While the other members of her group were known to the public before debut, she was a "hidden member". She says her favorite number is 31 because she loves ice cream so much, and she may not love everything green, but the color should make you think of her.

3. She debuted in 2015, but later appeared on a survival show in 2018 after her group struggled to find mainstream success. As a songwriter, she's both composed music and written lyrics for her original group.

4. She debuted as a solo singer before becoming the leader of an idol group. Despite her tiny (158cm) stature, her group members say that she can knock back five bottles of soju without getting drunk!

5. He's known for being the youngest of a group that's known for being young. He joined a competition show for high schoolers, because he said it was hard for him to make friends his own age because he debuted so early :(