Lost N Found

Kei has some cards for you, but it's not as much fun if she just gives them to you, right? She's going to send you on a little scavenger hunt.

» Check out Kei's hints below, and try to figure out what idols she's talking about!
» Check out those idol's decks and click on the card that corresponds with the number of the hint. If you're right, you'll be taken to a reward page! If not, try another one of their decks.
» If you're struggling, check out kprofiles.com and do a little search! That may or may not be where we get our hints from ;)

Your hints!

1. This main vocalist dreamed of becoming a singer after seeing Yoon Dohyun perform and still loves rock music despite being in a k-pop group. He's known as one of the loudest and funniest members of his group and was one of three members to be in his group's first (and so far only) subgroup, which was made up of the group's three comedians!

2. This second generation idol was born in Daegu, and has become fairly fluent in English and Japanese through mostly self-teaching! His two dogs are named after a famous Japanese fashion label.

3. When she was younger, this idol thought of becoming either a flight attendant or a tour guide. She once appeared on TV in a fake relationship with a Korean-American singer who is also known for his sweet voice.

4. She's the second oldest in her group, but she's often mistaken for the youngest because of her cute face. She likes to compose songs on her acoustic guitar, and is the most flexible member of her group - no wonder, considering she has a yoga instructor licence!

5. This rapper is often jokingly called the "princess" of her company. This may or may not be awkward for her, but one of her dogs shares a name with her ex-boyfriend.