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today's update brought to you by this ugly guy

Just a quick update today! And it's coming from me, so you know that's the truth.


Set One and our regular Weekly Set this week! Holy COW do we have a lot of new upcoming decks from our beautiful deckmakers this week, so make sure you check them all out before you vote!

In regard to our deck vote, for the sake of transparency I do what to say that we won't be simply releasing the top voted decks every week (We'd end up with five BTS decks and five Loona decks every week, I think...). We take all of the votes into account, along with what's needed to finish out eras, looking at decks that have been waiting around in upcoming for a while, etc, and in cases where multiple decks from one group get high votes some will probably get bumped! There may be times where we release something with one vote because we know one person really wants it, or because it finishes an era. Ultimately it's going to come down to my and Caitlin's decisions, and we are, of course, raging dictators. What I'm trying to say is while we do take votes into heavily weighted account, they aren't the be-all end-all of what gets released.

FORUM GAMES are updated as well! Don't forget to get your rewards from last week.


Vaini got to see Stray Kids, (G)i-dle, Taemin, EXO & Wanna One last Saturday, including her baby Woojin, so to celebrate she's asked for choice cards spelling out TYMB for thank you Music Bank! That's 4 choice cards, each with a T, Y, M or B in the file name, no more than one per deck, you can master with any! Comment with what you've taken.

And our lovely MOTM Mio's request this week was Jooheon's Jealousy deck, so an extra pull goes to her

next week!

Since our update next week falls on the 30th, we'll be doing most of our monthly update on that day as well instead of posting updates two days in a row! Yeah! That's all.

20 decks!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 22 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.



listen to take me higher by ace

Alright, kids! My precious best friend is currently working on our weekly games, and I have been given the easier job, which is typing some words up and forcing you guys to read it all. Even though it's normally nonsense.

A few small things before we get started, as I don't feel like I have a whole lot to say today, but there are still a few things I want to address on my side.

CUSTOM CONTENT: I swear it's on its way. There is not much to do in terms of custom content right now, but I am still behind because I have been a little bit lazy this week. I am sorry for anyone who's waiting, because I know that it's exciting! My goal is to do it tonight or tomorrow, so keep an eye out for me when I'm posting your goodies!

DECK MAKERS AND DONATION STAFF: Because of a small mishap last week, we completely forgot to mention our precious new staff.

Officially, we'd like to welcome Yasu and Dhee to our team. I am positive that you have seen them around the donation forum, handing out your rewards and making sure that your claims are done in a timely fashion! They're incredible. Don't forget to thank them when you see them around the site and in the Discord!

As well, I have finally hired a couple of deck makers, and I think you guys have had such a positive reaction to their decks so far! Soli and Zooya are the capable hands that are officially in charge of our music videos. They're doing an incredible job, and I really encourage you guys to praise their work in the Discord if you haven't already! ^^

games, games, games

It's a brand new week, and that means our Weekly Set has been refreshed and members are free to play them again.

As well, of course, you can help yourself to the updated Set 2, which Nikki has been so kind to refresh with all new questions and answers!

Did you notice? We've added a few new games! Russian Roulette is guaranteed to piss you off. It's not a new game to most of you, but we wish you luck and may the odds be in your favor!

On the other hand, we've also added a "deck vote", if you will. As the guidelines state, this particular game DOES NOT spit out rewards. It is, as well, not a game that we want people grouping up for. Please do not encourage your friends to vote for a deck just because you want it! It's very important that we have this in place to help us get an actual feel for what each individual member wants. Thank you!

We have been granting a lot of deck wishes, so we do encourage our members to start using their wishes for something else! Voting is just as good as giving us an idea of what you guys want to see. It won't guarantee a release, but it'll be a good nudge in the right direction for your admin team.

Our forum games have been updated. Big thanks to Melinda for tackling this so early in the morning! A new round for Card Chain, Higher or Lower and Scavenger Help have been added for your enjoyment!

We've added a new forum game as well, which most people have already noticed. We officially have FREEBIES! It is very straight forward, and the first round can be found HERE. It will be updated every Sunday and will never include cards from the new update. Cards will always be posted before the new update is live every week.


This week we are unintentionally granting at least 6 wishes that revolved around deck releases. Again, in the future, I do encourage our cute members to use their wishes for some other things so that we can have interesting and fun content!

Mirabel had sent in a wish asking for two additional pulls from any past update. So, feel free to do this! Any previous update, you're allowed to take an extra two cards.

Dhee just finished up with our Seventeen concert, but sent in a wish to say that she was seeing Seventeen on the 16th of the month, and wanted choice cards for card 16 and 17. Go ahead and take these! Cards must not be from this update, but can be any other previously released decks.

Lara asked to be able to take 2 choice cards from any deck that you are recollecting, which we found a bit interesting! Go ahead and take any 2 choice cards from any decks that you are collecting for a second time (or more, you crazy kids).

24 brand new decks

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 26 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 24 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.



smallest update alive

Alright, so we're going to make this quick because Nikki had the entire update typed up, but her laptop decided to stop loading. We weren't exactly planning on making this a large update, so luckily, we didn't lose too much progress.

games, games, games

I've already gone ahead and made us a brand new round of card chain, and the other forum games should be coming sometime in the near future.

You guys are free to play Set 1, and as always, our Weekly Games are refreshed and can be played against.

Nikki had this beautiful blurb written up about how we're working on some new games and how we're hoping to have them up very soon, but unfortunately, all was lost! It is the truth, though. In the upcoming weeks, we'll have some more coins for you kids and we're pretty excited about it. We just desperately need to sit down together so we can code and plan.


Our first wish comes from 5 of you, asking for more coins. We have decided to gift you kids a small amount, but we really want to make sure that you guys understand that our powerups are heckin' luxury items and they aren't really supposed to be easy to get. :(

That being said, EVERYONE CAN TAKE 250 COINS. Please make sure you're logging them as you see fit.

Our next wishes are simple~ our cutie Saku asked for us to release gain-paradiselost, because they share a birthday month, which is currently September. As well, Iole requested that we put the pretty wjsn-happydawon, which we're gonna do! We're out here, and we're doing it.

Not really a wish, but our MOTM Mio had asked for bts-ineedu, so we're releasing that as well!

20 decks

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 22 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.



welcome to september

Good evening, sweet angels! This update is coming to you all just a little bit later than normal, because we hit an interesting snag that should never happen again. We do apologize for the wait, especially to our precious EU children, but figure this timing is actually quite good for the rest of the world.

This update is going to be containing some new information, so we do encourage our members to suffer through as much reading as humanly possible. That being said, however, I've gone through the trouble of uploading screen caps of the more important informational so that you know where to focus.

As this is our monthly and weekly update all combined into one post, you are likely in for a long ride.

I'm going to start with the hard stuff!

just be nice ;;

This is not meant to single any one person out, and I would appreciate that no one reads into this, because I worry that some people may. Please do not misunderstand, because this is not a scolding, but rather just a simple request to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and can play comfortably with the rest of the members.

I think that we are a melding pot of different personalities and I have noticed an increase of potentially hurtful behavior. If someone is not your cup of tea, simply ignore them. If you don't have anything nice to say, please avoid making comments at all cost. A lot of our members are here to escape the reality of real life and it's really important to me that everyone can have fun without needing to worry about what someone may say in retaliation to their most simple comments.

We have a lot in common as fans in this industry and I think we should encourage each other! Let's be supportive brothers and sisters and have a good time. It isn't worth the stress, and this is not the right place for you to be negative. We're here to help. ♥

This really isn't targeted towards anyone, but if you think that the shoe fits, that is just a sign to try and do better. Let's have fun, okay?

event cards

Starting with something easy! Here are the event cards you've earned.

180826 and 180901

We touched 200 decks last week, and I really wanted to make sure you guys got another event card for this! We're likely to hit 300 soon, so we'll get another before you know it. As well, of course, the monthly event card that everyone is allowed to take!

i've got new rules i count 'em

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT as we have made some slight changes to how many decks you can claim when a new era is available. We understand that we do not have that many members and we want to encourage and give everyone a chance to dip their toes into the new claim pool.

Originally, at midnight, members would be allowed to claim 2 decks from a single era. We have changed it so that at midnight, members are only allowed to claim 1 deck from that brand new era.

Once 24 hours have passed and midnight has come back around, we encourage you to come back and claim a second deck from that era! We just want to give someone else a chance, too.

We understand that some members may not enjoy or approve of this idea, but we think it will take some of the stress off of those of you who like smaller groups that have a lot of fans. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask either me or Nikki through Discord, as we understand this is something new that we're trying out!

This is not a new rule by any means, but it is a rule that I have been enforcing through the forum to try and avoid multiple decks from the same group being claimed and held onto all month.

This was not an issue by any means, so I don't want anyone to think that this was prompted because of anyone!

FOR CLARITY: If you claim svt-prettyujeonghan and svt-prettyuscoups, but intend on donating svt-prettyuseungkwan and svt-prettyuwonwoo, you will need to wait until the first two decks have been approved and rewarded before you are allowed to use your Blue iPod to claim the additional two decks.

For additional clarity, because I am sure someone will ask: This rule does not really apply to any other donations. If you claim five unique eras, you're free to claim an additional two unique eras with your Blue iPod. We only ask that members avoid using more than one Blue iPod at a time, as this can lead to gentle hoarding and you may run out of time to do your donations if you aren't careful.

caitlin coded some things

Let's start with the most important thing!!!

That's right, boys and girls. You now have the option to actually link to posts, as well as view comments under the entry or as a popup, depending on what you prefer!

My next goal is to move the comment form so that it is above the comments. Please wait for me! I just need to figure it out now that our comment section is finally working.

To encourage our members to buy some freaking custom badges, I've gone ahead and kindly added any custom badges to their original deck page, towards the bottom! This will only appear in cases where custom decks have been purchased, so let's get to making these deck pages a little bit prettier!

My next goal is to create galleries for our era mastery badges, which are really coming together! I absolutely love the effort you're all putting into ensuring that your badges are beautiful.

important reminders! please read this!

CARD MASTER BOO does come with a set of rules, but we understand that your excitement might get in the way of your memory. Fear not, we are not mad! We just want to remind our members that you are only allowed to contribute 2 cards a month to his collecting deck, as these cards result in him sending you additional cards that you need! Please make sure that you're following these rules and we do apologize to anyone who may have sent him additional cards who will not be receiving any extra in your trade. You're just over the limit!

IMAGE REQUIREMENTS is something that I am having more and more issues with as of late. I am here to help, but it's quite hard for me to do so when your comment is already posted. My goal over the next few days is to go through all of our information once again to ensure that clear image requirements are laid out, although I think it's quite straight forward. Here's the TL;DR version for those of you who love to skim:

WE ENCOURAGE MEMBERS TO KEEP IN MIND THAT OUR BADGES AND CARDS ARE A RECTANGLE. This means images are hard to crop if they are vertical and VERY CLOSE. Please see our guidelines for explanation HERE.

  • DECKS Fantaken or candid news. If a fan couldn't have taken this photo, it is not allowed in the deck.

  • MASTERY BADGES Fantaken (normally, performance) or candid news photo (MCOUNTDOWN IS REAL GOOD YOU KNOW).

  • MINI MASTERIES Fantaken. This follow the same rules as our decks and regular mastery badges!

  • CUSTOM MASTERY BADGES Fantaken. This follows the same rules as our decks and regular mastery badges.

  • LEVEL UP BADGES Whatever you want, basically.

  • MEMBER CARDS AND DISPLAY ICONS Whatever you want, legitimately.

  • ERA MASTERY BADGES Whatever you want, with the exception of screencaps and selcas, as I will be displaying these and I like HIGH QUALITY IMAGES, you know?

  • games, games, games

    It's a brand new month, and that means brand new games. MONTHLY SET has been refreshed with all new answers and puzzles. Enjoy Secret Garden, and I had better not see you asking for help in the Discord you little weasels!

    We have a brand new mini mastery theme, as well! This month, our theme is Vocalists and we can not stress this enough: We don't want anyone trying to slide their strange biases into these badges. Legitimate vocalists only! Do not make me go out of my way to Google whether or not they are an actual main/lead vocalist. Please do not use sub-vocalists, because we know they're only there as visuals. If you are not sure, please ask! Try searching for profiles and seeing who's been officially designated as a main or lead vocalist.

    A new week also means that SET 2 can be played, as well as our exciting WEEKLY SET.

    member of the month



    We have a lot of users who deserve this title, but we felt that Mio has been a great part of the community since getting to know her over the last couple of months. I think we can all agree that Mio is always kind and helpful in the Discord, as well as being a HUGELY HELPFUL donator. Don't think we don't see you filling eras! Please keep it up and we're really excited to have you here. ♥ You deserve it!

    To celebrate, we invite our members to take cards spelling MIO. These cards can be used to master, but can not be used on upcoming decks, only decks that have been released previous to today. No hoarding.

    Now, Mio! You have some things you need to do, so please make sure you're collecting your rewards below as well! Here are your gifts, cutie.

    4 DECKS RELEASED of your choice. Please let us know which 4 decks you'd like us to release over the next four weeks. I just ask that you give us SIX options, and ensure that at least TWO of those are decks that are already made.

    2 ADDITIONAL DECK PULLS from those four decks that you've chosen!!!

    A SPECIAL GIFT as if you need more cards. Please pick ONE of the following card packs from here.

    30 frickin' decks for you guys

    PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 32 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
    REGULAR MEMBERS can take 30 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
    DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.



    only 4 days until pumpkin spice lattes

    HELLO my fresh faced lil cuties how are you all doing this week? Hope u well. Let's get it.


    me and caitlin got an absolute KICK out of mirabel's wish this week, who not only wrote us a rap but I think is also threatening us?? It's a work of art, honestly. We have no choice! You'll be finding Yongguk's deck in this update. kriss also requested that we release Jooheon to round out the Hero era which, like...y'all know we love to finish an era. So of course!

    Aaaand one more from our lil nut cashew, who asked for another chance to play set two games. We're always looking for chances to give you kids more cards. In addition to this week's games, you can go play last week's again! This only applies to the set two games, not the weekly, so no double plays on those weekly games. Love ya.

    ALSO our sweet little member of the month Dhee has asked for Ken's Shangri-la deck, so she gets an extra pull for him this week!


    Okay, set one games are updated, play away! As per cashew's wish above, you can also replay set two. Weekly games can be played, and our forum games are all up to date! Yeah!

    To recap, you can play set one, set two, and weekly games right now. Am I making sense? Who knows.

    custom content

    I just wanted to let you all know that Caitlin is all caught up with all of your custom needs, come grab all your pretty babies on the forum! She is also telling me she plans on making 50 decks this week, so let's all hold her to that, okay? Keep an eye on that #deck-previews channel.


    It's the last week of the month already! That means you only have until Friday to pass in your mini masteries, send in all of your donations for August and to request your birthday badge if you're an August baby! Please remember to get all of that in ASAP. Since the first of the month falls on a Saturday, we will be combining the monthly update with the weekly update. That means no update on the 1st, and a combined update on Sunday, September 2nd. Don't wait around for anything on Saturday!

    20 whole freakin new decks

    PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 22 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
    REGULAR MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
    DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

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