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Version 1.0 :: ft. AOA

The original layout code was created by sekaryoshioka with this version's original edits made by Cassidy, and all recent edits made by Caitlin. The header image is from AOA Official and the background was made by Creative Market.

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15 Jul 2018
week 3

Hello angels! Can you guys believe this is only our third Sunday since opening? It feels like we've been at this for a long time, but I'm fully convinced that it is because you're all out of your minds.

We had a ton of fussing over the amount of decks released last week, so we have decided to try and take it easy on you guys this week. That being said, we're also interested in attempting to make our deck release number even out a bit to help with our own OCD. But there is some important business to dive into first, so we encourage everyone to try and sit through the bulk reading portion of this update before you start swapping your pulls.

CARD 06 We realized a little too late last week, but we will be fixing the card06 issue all at once. Any deck I've made this week, I've made sure to fix the problem with my template that has been causing this single pixel to stand out. It is going to take us a little bit of time, as there are over 100 decks with this issue, but I am going to make it a priority over the next week to try and make sure that we have a fix for it next Sunday!

SHOP CHANGES We are still making adjustments to our shop, with the latest being that we've finally added the link to purchase choice cards. On top of that, we've changed the details of our choice card purchases. It was 100 coins for 1 choice card before, and it is now 300 for 2, just to give you guys a little more bang for your buck.

MINI MASTERY BADGES I have officially added these to your profiles. Some of you may see broken images, and this is because I have not made or uploaded your badges, but do plan on doing so after this update is posted. I have also updated our precious mini mastery page that will act as a gallery for everyone who has mastered it. The badges will be in alphabetical order for those who have mastered it 4 times. For anyone who masters it less than that, badges will be bumped to the bottom! Just to keep the four in a row nice and clean.

FORUM GAMES Both of our forum games are updated and a new week of card chain has begun. Please ensure that you are using the form for card chain and following the rules properly! Just to avoid confusion. You guys are doing awesome, though.

WEEKLY GAMES It's a new week and that means that our games can be played again! Set 1 has all new rounds in place, and our weekly set can be played for some easy cards!

WISHES Our first wish this week came from Danni, who wrote us a lengthy essay about NCT's unofficial leader, Taeyong, and the reason why we should release hitchhiker-around. If you're interested in Danni's essay, you can check that out here. It's basically a praise essay, so check that out. We decided to grant it to get her off of my back!

Our next wish comes from iris, eve, Ellie and Dhee in some form. They all wished for some coins, and we decided to help you guys out and deliver for once! Grab yourself 200 coins by pasting the following reward line into your logs.

I Wish (180715): +200 coins

Our next wish comes from awhylime and it's another request for a certain deck to be released! She requested we release a Seventeen music video, so we've gone ahead and released svt-dontwannacry to make her dreams come true.

Our last wish is from samu who sent in, "I wish for everyone to take no more than 3 choice cards from the same band!!". Members are allowed to pick 3 choice cards from one single group with no limitations. Please feel free to use these to master. Choice cards must be used on decks released on this day, or prior to. Choice cards can not be hoarded and used later!

NEW DECKS 16 new decks this week!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 16 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 14 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

PLEASE COMMENT WITH WHAT YOU TAKE and we will see you next week!

08 Jul 2018
hello from an empty starbucks

Hey baby angels! It's a beautiful day for your admins, I hope this evening is finding all of you well. Let's get this show on the road because I think the baristas want to start cleaning this place up... you're not closing for another hour. Chill.


Your crazy admins have already brought our deck count up over 100! It's still not enough though, right? Keep rolling in those donations, kids.

CARD FIXES OKAY SO. We may have just solved a mystery about the misplaced pixels in certain decks. A few users have pointed them out in the forum and we examined Caitlin's template and found one little tiny pixel that wasn't where it was supposed to be. In both of the examples below, you might notice one little dark pixel in the bottom left corner outside of the border. So, we're asking you guys to keep an eye out for card06s that might have this little guy showing up! It should only be happening in card 06 of the deck. If you spot one, head on over to the error reporting and leave us a note so Caitlin can fix it!

SHOP For those of you that aren't keeping up with us on Twitter or Discord, our shop is officially open! Everything takes place on the site and it's all fully automated. Caitlin and I receive e-mails for every purchase made, so please make sure that you're tracking all coins spent correctly! If we catch anyone fudging their coins we'll be very upset and you'll be grounded. CHOICE CARDS STILL HAVEN'T BEEN CODED. You'll notice that it leads you to a blank page - sorry! I coded the shop and that one was a bit more complicated, so that'll be ready once Caitlin the code master gets around to it.

WEEKLY GAMES SET 2 and WEEKLY games are updated! Go play them!

MONTHLY GAMES We announced this on Twitter and Discord as well, but our monthly games Sentimental and Secret Garden are also now ready to be played!

FORUM GAMES EXCITING! We have a few forum games set up! I think Caitlin's done a pretty good job with the rules, but if you have any questions about them feel free to reach out to us on Discord or Twitter or the forums! Go give them a try and let us know what you think.

WISHES Luda's going to grant a few this week! haket and samantha both wished for the vixx-shangrila deck to be released, so you'll find that down below! Nicky, Cassidy, Whitney, yasu and Syara all asked for random cards because they want more to trade, and we know some of your trade piles are looking a little dry, so that sounds good to me. Click here to be taken to your randomiser, and make sure to comment below with whatever cards you get!

NEW DECKS HERE THEY ARE, YA PUNKS. You get 20 decks this week. Suffer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.


01 Jul 2018
listen to take me higher by ace

180701 and 180701-2

GRAND OPENING Doesn't it feel like we've been doing this for months already? Today marks our grand opening, which means we are officially out of prejoin. Within the next 24 hours, my goal is to give prejoin status to all of our members (through a note on your profile) who have been approved, which will give you additional pulls in our monthly updates and the occasional extra incentive, which we'll let you know about once we decide what that sort of thing could be.

Before we get to what most of us consider The Fun Stuff, there are a few things I want to address that should only take a moment of your time, if you'd care to read through it!

CARD FIXES There is only one this week, and it was a bit of a silly mistake. On the forum, Syara pointed out that both got7-ifyoudojb04 and got7-ifyoudojb15 both used the exact same photo. I went ahead and swapped it out earlier in the week, but we do ask that members replace this file on their site, should they have already uploaded the original got7-ifyoudojb04 at some point in time. Thank you, Syara!

LOONA-ONEANDONLYGOWON With a lot of help from the LOONA fans on our Discord, I have come to the conclusion that we need to discontinue loona-oneandonlygowon before it's too late. We have decided to go forward with unique guidelines for LOONA decks and members can swap their Gowon cards out on the forum, as always. Please read the blurb, as LOONA fans are free to master this deck as long as they make the value 0.

STATUS CHANGES At some point during the week I had made a new forum topic for requesting status changes. A few hours later, I realized how easy it was to add to your profile forms. Should you be going on hiatus, you can change your own status as well as bring yourself off of hiatus in your edit profile form.

LEVEL BADGES Level badges can officially be found in your member profiles! If some of you notice broken links, it is because that person has no requested their new level badge yet, or I haven't gotten around to making and uploading it. These badges are added by hand, but very easy for me to keep up with when I am making your new monthly badges! If you haven't requested your level two badge yet, you may have missed that we also added a forum topic for that throughout the week! You can find that here.

FORUM GAMES You may have noticed a new locked section at the bottom of the forum and I do promise that should be open for playing on either Tuesday or Wednesday. I think that members have enough on their plates every Sunday, so we will be updating these twice a week throughout the weekdays, leaving the weekend for pulls and general nonsense.

FORUM SHOP A lot of people have asked me about when this will be open for business, and the short answer is next Sunday. The reason why I'm forcing you all to wait is so that I can focus on creating all of my code templates and randomizers, which has not been a main priority of ours until now! With the rest of the site basically ready to go, this should be a breeze to have open by our next update.

HELP DESK Profile errors can now be addressed via our forum. Although it may seem easier to message me on Discord, it's better to post on the forum where all staff can see it. It means that I don't necessarily have to fix it myself, but someone else with access to editing your profile can! This also keeps it from getting lost if I am not able to do it immediately. Please direct all future mishaps to the official topic!

I think that's it for most of the boring things!


MONTHLY GAMES Our monthly games are officially playable! Sentimental and Secret Garden are making me angry, and will be released in the middle of the upcoming week, or Sunday at the latest. The rest can be accessed, although I do apologize. As the games that are giving me the most trouble are the ones with the best rewards.

In the meantime, Chewing Gum and I Wish are available, as is our new trading bot, Boo Seungkwan. Please ensure you are reading through his guidelines before trading with him!

DONATIONS Our donations have been refreshed and so have our guidelines. If you haven't already read through them, please do so here before you claim anything. Rules can always be found through our information page.

DOUBLES TRADE IN At the request of our members, I can decided to increase the amount of doubles you can swap each month from 15 to 30. If you are hoping to swap some of your doubles, please follow this link.

NEW DECKS Admittedly, I was hoping to make more decks this week, but times are tough and I ran out of precious days between last Sunday and today. Time flies.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 12 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 10 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.


24 Jun 2018

Hello, everyone! It's finally Sunday, and after a good five days of suffering without any cards, you're probably pretty happy to see us. Although this update is mainly to direct all of your attention to our games, we also have a few errors that have been address as well!

Nikki and I have been working hard all week to stop procrastinating and we were able to code all of our games, with the exception of our monthly set. What this means is that we're allowing members to play the following: Set 1, Set 2 and our Weekly Set. While the weekly games are pretty straightforward, we've decided to try for a more challenging approach for our other sets than we may have before. We're looking for some minor suffering from our members, so please understand that we're doing this to you so that you can grow and expand your general K-Pop knowledge. If you're really struggling, feel free to reach out via Twitter or Discord for a little hint.

Once again, please enjoy our games HERE.

DISCORD Speaking of, for those of you who haven't joined our discord channel, you can do so through this LINK. Everyone has been super helpful and friendly so far, so I really recommend joining in the fun! Get all of your questions answered, get to know your fellow members, and look for trading help!

CARD FIXES Next up on the plate are some card fixes, which I noticed myself. No one had to call me out this time.

The first fix is probably the easiest. MMLND-bboombboomyeonwoo has been replaced with MMLD-bboombboomyeonwoo, as this is the official abbreviation and it only felt right to correct it. Please check your trade post for any MMLND yeonwoo cards and simply swap it out for the proper abbreviation.

Our bp-asifitsyourlastjennie deck had some pixels out to place, causing the rounded border to show a little pop of color! We've replaced the cards on our site already, but it is recommended that you clear your browser cache and reupload these cards to your own site, just to replace any wrong files. I've created a zip file HERE for that.

Lastly, our shinee-viewonew deck was a little weird. On the cards and mastery badge, I had View (Onew) instead of the correct Onew (View). These cards have been replaced here, but it is still recommended that you clear your browser cache and reupload these cards to your own site, just to replace any wrong files. I've created a zip file HERE for that.

We've gone ahead and finally added the event card gallery. You can hover over all of our event cards to get a little blurb on how or why it exists!

Speaking of events, we do have a few event cards for milestones that our crazy members have already reached!

180621 and 180624

Huge congratulations to Tia for the first Idolise mastery and a giant shout out to Danni for being literally insane and leveling up before we even open.

Our goal for the upcoming week is to organize and get the forum ready to go for our official open, so watch our for new topics and feel free to post in them as soon as they become available. Forums we don't want you in will stay locked until we're ready, so don't be afraid to post in any of our open topics at any time if that option is available.

I've actually updated most of our information pages, as well as added new ones. Please check over our donation guidelines, as I have gone through and hopefully answered some of the questions that people had during our pre-prejoin period regarding restrictions. We've also added pages for our upcoming era masteries, which will obviously be pretty slow moving for the first six months.

That's actually all! We don't have much else to say aside from the fact that we're incredibly happy with the enthusiasm and we're having so much fun just watching you guys have fun. It really is such a treat to play with everyone again and we are looking forward to opening next week!

REGARDING CUTENEWS COMMENTS I am unable to make them work, so they are an ugly popup for the time being. Though, we're undecided. I kind of like it.


19 Jun 2018

We are officially open for prejoin! You're allowed to join us, finally.


The above event card can be taken by anyone who joins during the prejoin period! It is worth 0, as are all of our event cards.

I've worked it out so that our prejoin period is going to be about twelve days. Although everything looks ready and fairly good to go, Nikki has a beautiful vacation planned with her mother for next week, and I would much rather officially open on the first day of a new month so that donation limits reset, and we can focus on releasing decks again!

WHAT CAN I DO DURING PREJOIN? Over the next two weeks, I would really like members to start focusing on trading and getting to know one another. This is a rather long prejoin period for a TCG to have, which I do sincerely apologize for, but this is my third game and I wanted to be overly prepared for everything. I wanted us to have a ton of decks with a ton of different artists so that members could get excited to join and start collecting.

This upcoming Sunday (June 24th), Nikki and I will be back for our first unofficial Sunday update to give members a couple of games to try out so that they can refresh their trade pile just a little before we open officially the following Sunday (July 1st).

As far as masteries and trader rewards go, they're open for you guys whenever you're ready! We are looking forward to the first mastery from one of your crazy kids, so have fun and go crazy as soon as you are approved by a member of our admin team.

There are still some broken links around the site, but I think that it's mostly things that we are aware of. Please just bear with us while we work on that.

Anyway, let's move past the boring stuff and move onto the fun stuff.

DONATIONS Fear not, my babies, I am actually about to go through and reward every single one of you for the donations you've already handed in. Remember, the limit was 80 cards, because I thought that you were all out of your minds and I feared for my life and the life of this TCG. We have had 371 claims/donations, which obviously may go down a bit as we come closer to Thursday and some of the unfinished claims are abandoned. I am still at a loss for words, though. You've given me a great opportunity to make an incredible variety of decks for all of you and you enthusiasm has been insane. Honestly, Nikki and I couldn't be happier with the results.

If you have actually donated at any point during our pre-prejoin period, please feel free to take the following event card as well!


Again, the above event card is only for those who donated between June 1st and June 22nd.

PREJOIN DECKS and more importantly, pulls from those decks:

I think you'll all be quite pleased to know that because we are not doing a formal "deck pull" post, that any decks YOU DONATED that were released during the prejoin period will give you an additional 2 pulls, which you can take right now. This is the easiest and the fairest way for me to do things, instead of telling everyone that they can pull a certain amount of cards from the 80 prejoin decks that we have. Because in the future, members will be able to pull one additional card from the decks they've donated during our weekly updates, I wanted to kind of make it as fair as I could for now.

We will be actually adding "donated by" to our deck pages in the near future, which is something I had always wanted to do at OnStage, but it was a little too late for me to go back and actually make that happen.

If I haven't made a lot of the decks that you've donated, I'm sorry! I actually have downloaded 99% of the donations to my external harddrive, and I made decks based off of what I thought was popular or would draw more people in for the prejoin period. Admittedly, I made too many NCT decks, but that was only because I was on a roll and I didn't know how to stop myself. There are still a ton of decks I want to make, and I will be focusing on music videos over the next two weeks to make sure that our unreleased deck pool is HUGE and has a bunch of variety for future updates. I AM DOING MY BEST, but I am very sorry if a deck you really wanted has not been made yet.

LEVEL ONE BADGES are currently not uploading automatically to your profiles, but that is only because I haven't bothered to code it quite yet... Please bear with me, it's totally on my list of things to do. Let's show off those badges, baby!

Custom content in your profiles is kind of a main focus of mine. I don't think there's any better feeling in the world that a very full profile with a ton of cute level badges, member cards, custom mastery badges and then the pretty default badges from the decks you've already mastered. Oh, I just love a nice full profile.

Speaking of profiles, did you know that you can fill your profile with a biography about yourself? I kindly filled mine in over HERE just to give you guys a little example of what it should or could look like right now. Obviously I haven't mastered anything quite yet, but someday my profile will be full of beauty.

I feel like there are other things I need to say, but I'll save them for another update or a tweet if need be. Do you follow us on Twitter? You probably should!

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