Only You

Suzy has been the first love of the nation pretty much since her debut, and now she figures it's time to pay back some of the love she's received. She loves each and every member of Idolise so much, though, she'll be picking one of you each month to shower with her love!

» Each month, a random member will be chosen as our "member of the month"!
» Each member can only be MOTM one time!!!

Congratulations, Rose!

As our member of the month, your admin team invite you to do the following:

» REQUEST AN EVENT CARD: Your event card can be any image you want! This event card will be posted in our update for everyone to take, to help celebrate with you! Message Caitlin on the forum to tell her which image you'd like. ^^
» TAKE 10 CHOICE CARDS: These ten choice cards can be anything you want. There are no restrictions! You must take them within the current month.
» A DECK RELEASED EACH WEEK OF YOUR CHOOSING: For four weeks, we'll release a deck of your choosing. At least 2 of these 4 decks must be in upcoming.
» A LIGHTSTICK OF YOUR CHOICE: Free of charge! Any lightstick you'd like.

For everyone else

If you haven't been chosen as the member of the month, don't worry! We still want you to help celebrate by doing the following:

» Help yourself to the event card when it comes out.
» Take 10 choice cards from any of the decks that Rose has mastered during their time as an Idolise member!