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191 posted by caitlin (211107)

Oh... Hey...

Welcome to another Sunday update, which just happens to land on a big Animal Crossing weekend! We nearly forgot that we had something to do today, but here we are. I'm sure quite a few of you are in the same boat and for those of you who are playing Animal Crossing this weekend, we hope you're having fun! (And if you're a member of our Discord and you want to share some pics from AC this weekend, please do!)

This update is extra special because it's also going to act as our monthly update, but there aren't any important announcements. Truthfully, we haven't thought about the site a whole lot this past week. Oopsies! We promise to catch up on what you guys have been doing this week instead!

New Month


New month, new event card!

New threads are up. Woohoo!

Games, Games, Games

You know the drill. Nikki has updated the Monthly Games.

This is also a Set 2 week! You can enjoy those and get some new cards from the Weekly Games as well.

New Decks

We are very aware that we're low on unique groups for girl groups! Sorry to our girl group fans. We're going to put our Switches down for at least one hour every night to flush this number up a bit. We have our sights set on a few girl group eras. Look forward to that


PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ab6ix-theanswerdonghyun, cb-handsupremi, dc-screamdami, gf-appleumji, gncd-withoutyoujoochan, izone-secretstoryoftheswanyujin, nct-resonancedoyoung, oneus-asongwritteneasilyhwanwoong, onf-why, ptg-doornot, sj-superclap, skz-backdoorin, svt-readytolove, winner-millionsjinwoo, wjsn-secreteunseo, wno-beautifulwoojin
caitlin (211107)

Pam  @ 10 Nov 2021 09:06 am

took 211101\r\n\r\nnew sets took wno-beautifulwoojin14, winner-millionsjinwoo20, wjsn-secreteunseo11, onf-why06, svt-readytolove06, skz-backdoorin05, oneus-asongwritteneasilyhwanwoong19, ab6ix-theanswerdonghyun19, ptg-doornot13, gf-appleumji13, sj-superclap11, cb-handsupremi13, gncd-withoutyoujoochan09, izone-secretstoryoftheswanyujin09, nct-resonancedoyoung09, dc-screamdami09

Catherine  @ 11 Nov 2021 03:43 pm

skz-backdoorin11, skz-backdoorin12, cb-handsupremi11, cb-handsupremi12, dc-screamdami11, dc-screamdami12, wno-beautifulwoojin11, wno-beautifulwoojin12, nct-resonancedoyoung11, nct-resonancedoyoung12, oneus-asongwritteneasilyhwanwoong11, oneus-asongwritteneasilyhwanwoong12, ab6ix-theanswerdonghyun11, ab6ix-theanswerdonghyun12

Lex  @ 14 Nov 2021 01:06 am

New Decks: cb-handsupremi05, cb-handsupremi12, dc-screamdami05, dc-screamdami08, gf-appleumji04, gf-appleumji12, wjsn-secreteunseo05, wjsn-secreteunseo12, izone-secretstoryoftheswanyujin08, izone-secretstoryoftheswanyujin11, ab6ix-theanswerdonghyun12, nct-resonancedoyoung16, oneus-asongwritteneasilyhwanwoong17, onf-why18, ptg-doornot19, skz-backdoorin20, svt-readytolove18, winner-millionsjinwoo16, wno-beautifulwoojin16, nct-resonancedoyoung20 // Deck Vote Coupon: dc-screamdami19

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