Update Randomizer

This randomizer only shows the latest releases, featuring 1 card from each of the 15 decks from our newest Sunday update. This randomizer is to assist those of you who may not care about any of he decks and are looking for an easy way to pull cards.

Please feel free to refresh this page as many times as you would like. Pulls are choice cards, so feel free to change out any of the below cards in any way that you would like. Be aware of deck limits (usually no more than 2 per deck) and have fun!

Deck Pulls: twice-icantstopmejihyo19, ooo-sagerie17, pk-ponzonadosie12, omg-nonstopmimi08, onf-whyetion08, weme-idontlikeyourgirlfriendlucy08, gncd-withoutyoudaeyeol08, ptg-canyoufeelityanan08