» You need an e-mail address to access your Member Panel, play games, and receive trade offers as well as a website or journal to hold your trade post. Your trade post doesn't have to have anything on it when you first join but you should have your Starter Pack uploaded to it ASAP once you receive it! If you never upload your starter pack, you will never be accepted and allowed to start playing.

» Please use a realistic name or nickname when signing up. If your name is already taken on the member list, please use a variation of it. No numbers, symbols or spaces allowed!

» Get your Starter Pack uploaded within 2 weeks. If you need more time, please let us know otherwise we'll remove you from the Member's List and you'll need to sign up again in if you still want to join Idolise.

» Keep your trade post updated at least once per month (this includes both trading and general activity). If you do not, your status will be changed to Inactive and you must reactivate to continue trading. Even if you are just accepting trades but have not been doing anything else, you may be moved to our Inactive section.

» Do not take from updates posted prior to your join date unless you are a Premium Member! Premium Members are Idolise's prejoiners and they are the only ones allowed to take from all updates even if they joined after they were made.

» Direct linking cards is not allowed! Upload them to your own server or a free image site that does not overwrite original filenames.

» Obviously, cheating is not tolerated here so please refrain from doing so or even trying to. Also, please try to be nice and polite at the very least to your fellow players, staff, and admins!

» You have to provide a password when you sign up to be able to access parts of the TCG but don't worry— this password is encoded in the database and cannot be retrieved or viewed by anyone, not even the admins.

» Members are pending approval until their trade posts are set up, with their starter pack uploaded, and their members cards/level 1 badges must be requested through the forum!