The following information has been compiled and organized to help current and upcoming/interested members find out everything that they need to know to enjoy Idolise to the fullest without many speedbumps. If you can not find exactly what you're looking for, please feel free to contact your admin team through Twitter, or join our Idolise Discord to find someone to chat with about our little game!

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Idolise Shop

Idolise has recently made adjustments to its shop. Please read all of the information below to get familiar with our new items, as well as which items have been discontinued.


The currency we use here is simply referred to as coins, and you use them to buy coupons, card packs, and custom content from our Shop. Coins are typically earned through playing our games, but sometimes we may hand them out in updates as freebies or include them in events, so keep an eye out for them! You are entirely responsible for tracking and logging your coins. It is not something we currently do for you, so it is incredibly important that members keep an accurate count of their currency and display it through some method on their trade post. Once you spend coins, you must also remove the used amount from the total count. When you receive coins, make sure that you add them!


Item Description Cost

Idolise lightsticks are mostly cosmetic, to cheer for your group, but they do come with the benefit of earing 2 choice cards a week for the artist whose lightstick you own. You are free to own as many lightsticks as you'd like, but you can not buy the same lightstick more than once. Choice cards must be taken on a weekly basis and can not be back logged. All lightstick choice cards must be taken through our forum.

You can view our lightstick gallery here (currently under construction).

1000 coins

Idolise photocards are mostly cosmetic, but added to the game for our collectors to enjoy. They are made of official photocards from Korean albums and can be requested through our forum. For every 10th purchase, members are rewarded 20 random cards through our forum.

We avoided doing this for a long time, as we worried that we'd suffer as staff. These photocards are very small and we hope it'll make up for the photos that we may end up dealing with.

You can view our photocard gallery here

200 coins
Card Packs

Our randomized card packs can be purchased at absolutely any time without limitations. Currently, card packs can be purchased one at a time, or, a max five at once for easier logging.

Item Description Price
Random Pack 10 random cards from all available deck categories. 200 coins
Era Pack 10 random cards from all available era decks. 200 coins
Era Pack (Male) 10 random cards from all available male era decks. 200 coins
Era Pack (Female) 10 random cards from all available female era decks. 200 cards
Music Video Pack 10 random cards from all available music video decks. 200 coins
Coupon Packs

Before introducing coupons to our shop, they were only made available through a small number of Idolise events. We have a total of # coupons, and members are encouraged to learn more about them through our coupon infomation page.

Item Description Price
Powerup Pack 3 random powerup coupons. This pack can only be purchased once a month to limit the use of powerups in our game. 400 coins
Choice Card Pack 3 random choice card coupons. These can be used at any time without limitation. 200 coins
Random Pack 3 random coupons to increase your gameplay enjoyment. These can be used at any time without limitations. 200 coins

We can all easily agree that member cards get boring after a while. Not only are our biases constantly altering their appearance (I specifically mean hair, but some idols could cool it on the plastic surgery), but our taste in idols is often changing. No one likes just one thing, which is why we give our members the opportunity to swap out the image that not only appears in their profile, but on the member list as well.

These images are not member cards and are not for trade. They are merely for looks. They have absolutely no worth should you decide to display them somewhere in your trade post. They are worth 0, just like event cards and member cards.

There is absolutely no difference between the look of display icons and your original member card. Consistency in this game is so important to me and I don’t want to soil how the member list looks.

As display icons are purchased, they will be added to your profile. This is a great way to keep track and view the ones that you have, so that you can decide which you would like to display in both your profile and on the main member list. The display icon you choose to show off can be edited through the profile form. Rather than typing out the full file link, simply writing out the filename (sans the extension) is all we require! (example: caitlin001)

Should you prefer to show off your member card, simply leaving the field blank will do so! The code handles all of the work for us!

Profile display icons can be purchased through their own topic on the forum.

Power Ups (Discontinued)

PLEASE NOTE: These items have been discontinued. iPod power ups no longer exist and have been replaced with coupons that serve the same purpose, but aren't quite as overpowered. If you still have iPods left, please use them! We are not giving refunds for these purchases, and instead, encourage them to be used so that we can move on from them.

iPod Ability Uses Price
The Pink iPod allows you to receive double the amount of rewards you usually get from the Weekly games. Simply take the second row of rewards from the prize page if you have this iPod! This iPod does not and will never apply to set 1, set 2 or our monthly games. This is certainly a luxury item, but this iPod is good for 2 uses, which can be any time. You do not need to use this over two consecutive weeks if you do not want to. This iPod does not expire until you have used it two times.
700 coins
The Blue iPod allows you to make +1 donation at absolutely any time. This power up can be used twice when it’s purchased, and both additional donations can be made at absolutely any time. Even in the same month. This power up does not allow members to donate additional era decks of the same idol. However, it does allow additional donations of an overall group, allowing the two decks per group rule to be broken.PLEASE NOTE: In order to avoid artist hoarding, we are only allowing additional decks from the same group to be donated once all other related donations have been approved and rewarded. (ex: If in the first week of the month you have already capped at 5 donations, with 2 of those decks being svt-dontwannacryscoups and svt-dontwannacryjeonghan, you are allowed to donate svt-dontwannacryjun and svt-dontwannacryseungkwan, but only after the first two decks have been turned in and rewarded)
400 coins
Our Yellow iPod allows you two extra pulls from any three updates of your choice. These do not have to be used on three consecutive updates. You can not use use this booster on past updates, obviously. If you buy this on Friday, you can use this power up on the following Sunday, and two more after that of your choosing.
2 x 3
400 coins
The Purple iPod gives you the opportunity gain double rewards for your next 10 stamp cards. If you purchase this on January 1st, you can not use any old trades by before that date for this powerup. You must made a new 20 trades, but will be able to hand in "2" stamp cards for your 1. This also means you're free to make yourself 2 photocards per a stampcard for this powerup. Additionally, members are free to take 2 choice cards when you reach your 10th stampcard.
700 coins