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195 posted by caitlin (211213)

Hello everyone!

You may have noticed, but Nikki and I completely forgot about Idolise last night. Quite unusual!

We hope that everyone had an awesome weekend, and welcome to the new week.

Custom Content Makers

Thank you to everyone who has sent their samples in! I really appreciate it.

I want to mention, though - a few weeks ago my inbox had filled up, so I am worried that I may have missed someone's DM. I have replied to each of the four that I've received to say that I have received their message, and you did not receive a message from me, I must not have it. Please resend it!


This is a Set 1 week! Nikki has updated those games for you.

It's also worth mentioning that although we didn't update last week, Nikki did update Set 2 as well.

New Decks

Update randomizer.

Again - although we did not update last week, Nikki had released decks. I didn't think of what confusion this would likely cause some people, but I have included the list of all of the decks under this week's release.

The pulls for these decks are the same as every week.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ab6ix-theanswer, ghost9-thinkofdawn, hyuna-imnotcoolera, loona-whynotchuu, max-chocolate, nct-resonancejeno, pk-ponzona, sunmi-youcantsitwithus, tbz-revealsangyeon, tribe-doomdoomta, twice-thebestthingieverdid, wno-beautifulkuanlin

Last Week:
bobby-umad, dc-screamsua, iu-celebrity, nct-resonancejaemin, nuest-universe, onf-whyjus, rose-gone, somi-dumbdumb, stayc-stereotype, twice-icantstopme, wei-twilightyongha, wno-beautifuldaniel
caitlin (211213)

Pam  @ 15 Dec 2021 09:08 am

new sets took ghost9-thinkofdawn01, ghost9-thinkofdawn20, max-chocolate04, max-chocolate14, nct-resonancejeno01, nct-resonancejeno20, tbz-revealsangyeon01, tbz-revealsangyeon20, wno-beautifulkuanlin01, wno-beautifulkuanlin20

Seth  @ 16 Dec 2021 02:27 am

New Decks: ab6ix-theanswer10, ab6ix-theanswer17, ghost9-thinkofdawn18, ghost9-thinkofdawn19, hyuna-imnotcoolera07, hyuna-imnotcoolera18, loona-whynotchuu04, loona-whynotchuu09, max-chocolate07, max-chocolate08, nct-resonancejeno09, nct-resonancejeno16, pk-ponzona06, pk-ponzona09, sunmi-youcantsitwithus01, sunmi-youcantsitwithus03, tbz-revealsangyeon02, tbz-revealsangyeon10

Lex  @ 18 Dec 2021 11:08 pm

New Decks: hyuna-imnotcoolera04, hyuna-imnotcoolera09, loona-whynotchuu12, loona-whynotchuu16, pk-ponzona05, pk-ponzona10, sunmi-youcantsitwithus05, sunmi-youcantsitwithus14, tribe-doomdoomta04, tribe-doomdoomta09, twice-thebestthingieverdid02, twice-thebestthingieverdid19, ab6ix-theanswer14, ghost9-thinkofdawn16, max-chocolate17, nct-resonancejeno18, tbz-revealsangyeon16, wno-beautifulkuanlin04, nct-resonancejeno20, tbz-revealsangyeon20 // Deck Vote Coupon: somi-dumbdumb02, tribe-doomdoomta14

Star  @ 24 Dec 2021 11:03 pm

New Deck Update: ghost9-thinkofdawn01, ghost9-thinkofdawn20, nct-resonancejeno01, nct-resonancejeno20, sunmi-youcantsitwithus01, sunmi-youcantsitwithus20, tbz-revealsangyeon01, tbz-revealsangyeon20, \r\nwno-beautifulkuanlin01, wno-beautifulkuanlin02, pk-ponzona01, pk-ponzona02, ab6ix-theanswer01, ab6ix-theanswer20, max-chocolate01, max-chocolate20, loona-whynotchuu01, loona-whynotchuu20

Sanna  @ 28 Feb 2022 05:59 pm

New Decks (195): twice-thebestthingieverdid17, twice-thebestthingieverdid18, ab6ix-theanswer08, ab6ix-theanswer09, hyuna-imnotcoolera16, hyuna-imnotcoolera17, loona-whynotchuu08, loona-whynotchuu09, max-chocolate02, max-chocolate03, nct-resonancejeno13, nct-resonancejeno14, pk-ponzona12, pk-ponzona13, sunmi-youcantsitwithus07, sunmi-youcantsitwithus08, ghost9-thinkofdawn16, ghost9-thinkofdawn17

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