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194 posted by caitlin (211128)

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Idolise for another Sunday update. We hope you've had a nice weekend, and good luck going into the new week!

Today will be business as usual.

Actually... The ball probably won't be rolling very fast as far as updates go until late December. We're hoping to put some time into Idolise over the holiday season.

We were just chatting, and Idolise was basically built over a short vacation. I knew nothing about PHP at the time, but a lot was still accomplished over a week. We have a lot of unique features and they aren't presented in the most practical ways, and the site requires a lot of work to update every week. Some quality of life updates are needed for you guys as well. We want to make Idolise even easier to play, if that's possible.

We've always had big plans for Idolise, and it'll be interesting to see what happens! Thanks for sticking with us.


November is basically over... You guys know the drill! Get your things passed in. If you need an extension, let me know. It's a short month, and I know how easy it is to lose track of time.


Nikki has updated Set 2 games! And you're invited to help yourself to the Weekly Set for some new cards.

Freebies have been updated (yes I updated the forum this time) and Boo has brand new cards.

New Decks

You guys actually voted for these this week! (And everyone thank Nikki for making decks)

Update randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

aespa-nextlevel, cb-handsupchaerin, dc-screamsiyeon, iu-eight, loona-ptt, nct-resonancemark, oneus-asongwritteneasilyseoho, onf-whywyatt, p1h-sirenjiung, pk-zombie, ptg-canyoufeelitshinwon, tbz-revealjacob
caitlin (211128)

Lex  @ 30 Nov 2021 02:33 am

New Decks: aespa-nextlevel05, aespa-nextlevel09, cb-handsupchaerin11, cb-handsupchaerin14, dc-screamsiyeon05, dc-screamsiyeon14, loona-ptt05, loona-ptt11, pk-zombie09, pk-zombie17, iu-eight10, iu-eight15, nct-resonancemark10, nct-resonancemark19, oneus-asongwritteneasilyseoho15, onf-whywyatt18, p1h-sirenjiung, ptg-canyoufeelitshinwon12, ptg-canyoufeelitshinwon18, tbz-revealjacob19 // Deck Vote Coupon: aespa-nextlevel18

Pam  @ 30 Nov 2021 09:48 am

new sets took nct-resonancemark01, nct-resonancemark20, oneus-asongwritteneasilyseoho01, oneus-asongwritteneasilyseoho20, ptg-canyoufeelitshinwon01, ptg-canyoufeelitshinwon20, tbz-revealjacob01, tbz-revealjacob20

Catherine  @ 03 Dec 2021 04:55 pm

nct-resonancemark11, nct-resonancemark12, oneus-asongwritteneasilyseoho11, oneus-asongwritteneasilyseoho12, tbz-revealjacob11, tbz-revealjacob12, ptg-canyoufeelitshinwon11, ptg-canyoufeelitshinwon12, cb-handsupchaerin11, cb-handsupchaerin12, dc-screamsiyeon11, dc-screamsiyeon12

Seth  @ 05 Dec 2021 09:36 pm

New Decks: aespa-nextlevel01, aespa-nextlevel20, cb-handsupchaerin03, cb-handsupchaerin17, dc-screamsiyeon06, dc-screamsiyeon11, iu-eight03, iu-eight17, loona-ptt03, loona-ptt16, p1h-sirenjiung11, p1h-sirenjiung10, nct-resonancemark07, nct-resonancemark20, oneus-asongwritteneasilyseoho01, oneus-asongwritteneasilyseoho02, onf-whywyatt11, onf-whywyatt19

Star  @ 24 Dec 2021 10:44 pm

New Deck update: dc-screamsiyeon01, dc-screamsiyeon20, nct-resonancemark01, nct-resonancemark20, onf-whywyatt01, onf-whywyatt20, p1h-sirenjiung02, p1h-sirenjiung20, ptg-canyoufeelitshinwon01, ptg-canyoufeelitshinwon20, tbz-revealjacob02, tbz-revealjacob20, aespa-nextlevel01, aespa-nextlevel20, loona-ptt01, loona-ptt20, oneus-asongwritteneasilyseoho01, oneus-asongwritteneasilyseoho20

Sanna  @ 28 Feb 2022 05:53 pm

New Decks (194): dc-screamsiyeon12, dc-screamsiyeon13, aespa-nextlevel14, aespa-nextlevel15, iu-eight06, iu-eight07, pk-zombie02, pk-zombie03, loona-ptt02, loona-ptt07, nct-resonancemark18, nct-resonancemark19, p1h-sirenjiung13, p1h-sirenjiung14, ptg-canyoufeelitshinwon14, ptg-canyoufeelitshinwon15, tbz-revealjacob03, tbz-revealjacob10

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