soli (Level 16)

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i hate filling these out but here's a little info about me: i love lee jihoon and that is all! ...i also super love yves.

as you can tell, i'm into seventeen and loona! i used to be an sm stan, and an even bigger sunny stan so if you hand me a bunch of sunnys i will accept them all. even though my huge bias is seventeen, i love love love girl groups most of all. i think all of them are beautiful and talented, and there's not a girl i do not like.

i'm currently one of idolises' mv deck makers and i could be bribed into making some MonkaS does that make me easy? maybe. honestly, if it makes you guys and gals happy, i'll do it anyway! i also run the fansite directory BUT PLEASE HELP FILL IT UP. don't be lazy little butts. similar to caitlin, i'm 3000 years old so call me grandma? (no, please don't)

as for trading! i'll always accept things i'm actually collecting (or re-collecting) but if you send me randoms, please send me a message! unless you're one of my good good good good friends (you know who you are), then you can send me absolute trash and i'll accept it. i'm super easy going about it, but i'm a huge completionist and i only get chaotic when a woozi deck gets released, otherwise i'm super chill during sundays. ♥ i think that's all? i think. okay, love ya!

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