ruthia (Level 31)

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[OPENING] [Hong Kong noir movie music] [JR walks up a hill] [Aron narration] His name is JR AKA ONESHOT ONEKILL. [JR takes out gun] He's the leader of our killer group. [JR leans on wall, spits out toothpick] Starting now, he'll be revealing a huge secret to the NU'EST members. ["WE ARE KILLERS" title screen with horror music] [Minhyun typing on a laptop in the dark] Our genius hacker, Minhyun AKA NICE FINGERS. Without his skills, we wouldn't be able to get the information needed for our missions. [Minhyun stretches] [black screen cut]

[Mysterious music] [back shot of Aron fixing his hat and hoodie] [montage of Aron sneaking around the streets] My name is Aron AKA THE DELIVERY MAN. I secretly buy items needed to complete our missions. I'm an expert at transformations and disguise, so no one can find me. [shot of Aron pretending to be a tree] [Aron, in a small voice] yeee buddy. [black screen cut]

[Horror, piano music] [silhouette shot of Ren with mysterious measuring cup] Our genius scientist who makes our weapons and potions, Ren AKA EINSTEIN. Without his skills, we'd be nothing. [black screen cut] [Upbeat, action music] [Baekho walks up a hill, carrying a mysterious box] The action man Baekho AKA TIGER, with his physical strength and skills, he takes command. With strong figure and strong will, he's always there to support the team. [black screen cut]

[ENDING] [Hong Kong noir movie music] [NU'EST walks down a hill during nighttime] [JR narration] LOVE, have a happy Lunar new year! Let's spend this year together with NU'EST. [shot pans from left to right] [wide shot of NU'EST, "WE ARE HEALERS" title screen fades in] We are Lunar new year healers. [black screen cut]

Below are all the decks that ruthia has mastered during their time at Idolise!