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hello, i'm pariss and i'm just a girl who uses (bad) humor to cover up her painful social awkwardness.

i was born in 1991, so at some point i was able to experience both stone age eras of kpop and anime tcgs, though with the latter, i took a long break. idolise is my first since returning and i think i've finally gotten the hang of things ! i've been in many fandoms, but seventeen are lights of my life, particularly jeonghan, and it's been a long time since a group made me this happy. i'm in love with everything about loona, and i wouldn't be able to explain why i have very soft spot for twice since debut.

i fall easily for girl groups to the point where it's hard for me to stick to one or two at a time. my favorites are wjsn,, pristin, fromis_9 and blackpink but the list of girl groups i'm a casual fan of is endless, with boy groups, i'm a bit more hard to win over, but i've loved shinee for a long time.

outside of k-pop, i find happiness in either pouring hours into video games or selling my soul and personal belongings to 2d idols from the idolm@ster and uta no prince-sama franchises. ultimately, i just really love idols of all types and places ! despite my shyness, i'm open to messages and questions of any kind. [plus points if there's a jeonghan card attached]

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