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hey this is idolise's co-admin nikki it's nice to meet you let's have fun

although i'm a bit on the quieter side compared to caitlin, you'll find me poking around the site doing proofreading and fixes here and there, being the gamemaster and handing out rewards. i'm also caitlin's personal cheerleader and motivator and best friend in the entire world.

seventeen are the apple of my eye and the main subject of my kpop stanning these days, but i also love a lot of girl groups (especially f(x), red velvet, snsd, exid, pristin, ioi, ok a lot) and the occasional boy (especially if he's really embarrassing and has a thick neck)

please don't be afraid to approach me if you have any questions about the site or trading!

Below are all the decks that nikki has mastered during their time at Idolise!