char (Level 14)

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Hi! My name is Char and I'm a huge Seventeen fan. My bias is Wonwoo, but I adore Woozi as well and of course the rest of the boys are my babies❤ I'm also majorly into LOONA (give me all your Olivia cards!!), and I adore a lot of different groups-- check my era mastery page to see who I like the most!

I'm quite shy, and I take a little time to warm up, but I'll always have time to talk friendly trades or if you want to spam Seventeen at me feel free.

When it comes to trading I'll accept anything I'm collecting/keeping/recollecting and hoarding! I don't usually take randoms for cards unless you're a part of my very close group of friends❤ then you can send me anything and I'll absolutely accept, but if you really need something I have and have nothing to send me, please send me a message on discord or ask in the trade form if we can work something out! I'm very chill usually, so if you're desperate for a card definitely talk to me, I'll be happy to help!

Below are all the decks that char has mastered during their time at Idolise!