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˗`ˏ cherry red boot thread ˎˊ˗

hello, sweet angels! my name is caitlin, i\\\\\\\'m 1000 years old, and idolise is my baby. which means you\\\\\\\'re my child, so please feel free to start calling me mom whenever you\\\\\\\'d like.

here at idolise, as part of your admin team, i would say my main job is to provide you all with decent decks and mostly functioning code. i am a full time programming student with a lot of passion for this project, and i\\\\\\\'m always thinking about how i can make this little website even better for you guys.

i have been a kpop fan for many years, but i have shifted my focus from young-multifandom-stan to only-seventeen with the occasional wandering eye towards cute boys and even cuter girls.

as a trader, i am incredibly easy going. if there is one thing i can say with confidence, it is that i will take your garbage in exchange for cards that you need, just as long as you\\\\\\\'re actually making some effort to send me cards that i want! i\\\\\\\'ll always double check a trade to see whether or not effort has been put into it, so please don\\\\\\\'t put a trade through unless you get the thumbs up from me through twitter or an email, just in case i see something i like better. but when in doubt, send me your seventeen cards so i can hoard them. test

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