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my name is AMY! it\\\\\\\'s very nice to meet you.

i have three cats and lots of free time. feel free to ask me about either. you can also show me your cats. i really like cats. i\\\\\\\'m most definitely multi-fandom when it comes to kpop, but i like girl groups best! in case everything about my profile didn\\\\\\\'t already tip you off, my ultimate bias is red velvet\\\\\\\'s kang seulgi. i\\\\\\\'m sure you\\\\\\\'ll discover my other biases quickly enough, so i won\\\\\\\'t bore you by listing them here.

i like to consider myself easy to trade with. if every i have something you need, but you can\\\\\\\'t find something to trade me, feel free to offer me random cards. if you feel awkward about that, give me a ping in the forum or on discord and i\\\\\\\'ll pick something in your trade pile! you\\\\\\\'re also free to put trades through when you send them, as long as you didn\\\\\\\'t ask for anything in my keeping pile! i\\\\\\\'ll try to be quick to reply.

i\\\\\\\'m around pretty often on the tcg discord. anyone can message me there with whatever is needed. if we\\\\\\\'ve traded and you didn\\\\\\\'t grab my mc, either because i spaced on asking or because i didn\\\\\\\'t send it in my response e-mail, feel free to take it!! either tack it on to our first trade or onto the next one you send. i probably took yours, but you can always ask if you need. i hope we can trade often!

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