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trade with me?

hello! my name is sarah and i've been playing TCGs for a good long while - I started in 2013 with Heartchu and took a break in 2015 because of school and work, so i'm throwing myself back into the TCG game with full force!!

my interests are far and wide, tbh. i play a lot of j-idol and idol adjacent games (come cry with me over idolish7, ensemble stars, twisted wonderland and a3) and i watch too many animes and kdramas for my own good. i also cosplay in my spare time, so my twitter is a lot of me yelling over cosplay and retweeting things. kpop-wise, i've been trying to diversify my listening tastes since previously i almost exclusively listened to boy groups but now i'm adding a lot of girl groups into the mix. i stan sm idols over anything else, but i will gladly also take mamamoo and chungha.

i'm a very easy trader! please feel free to poke me on twitter or discord if you want anything in particular. i also play in like. 3 other tcgs, sweats, so please do bear with me if i'm a little slow!

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