Nicky (Level 22)

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Hey! I\'m Nicky. I am a 30 year old single mother who loves to collect things. I have an 8 year old daughter named Lilliana who biases RM and Twice. I have been listening to k-pop for five years now. My ult is Jungkook but I also include Suga, Woozi, Sana, Taemin and Kai on my bias list. I am a school bus driver and a very open schedule.

I really enjoy playing ETCGs. They work well with all the things I enjoy: collecting, organizing, pretty things. I will even play games whose themes I don\'t necessarily understand. I like the idea of helping other people get their decks and then getting help in return. It makes the games fun and competitive but not mean.

My eventual goal is to collect every deck released, so my collecting page will constantly change as I master decks and pick new ones to go after. I will colllect BTS, Woozi and Vernon decks as soon as they are released though. I will also take randoms if I have something you need and you have nothing for me.

Below are all the decks that Nicky has mastered during their time at Idolise!