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hello there I am the local RM stan and rapper supporter. I will literally fight and or cry for my bias and any other soft rapper / rap line out there. the multifandom life may kill me one day (ツ) you can also call me rmio or mionbebe lmao me falling into the black hole that is the kpop fandom happened back in the old times. back in 2008 when shinee debuted and simultaneously became my first kpop love.

my two ult groups are monsta x ❤ (shownu and rapline) and bts (rm ❤ tae and rapline). but I also stan wonho ❤, stray kids (chan), the boyz (hyunjae), a.c.e (wow), kim donghan, oneus (leedo), p1harmony (keeho), mirae (lien), cravity (allen), enhypen (niki), mcnd (bic) and many more ofc. there\'s also shinee (onew and taemin), big bang (gd), block b (b-bomb and p.o), bap (zelo and yongguk) and super junior (heechul) from the old days!

as for the girl groups there are blackpink (lisa), itzy (ryujin), clc (seungyeon), purple kiss (yuki and swan), twice (dahyun), secret number (dita), rocket punch (juri), everglow (aisha) and hwasa. I also used to be into 2ne1 as the only gg until blackpink debuted haha.

❤ Because of you I know why live and love sound similar - You make I to an O ❤

Below are all the decks that Mio has mastered during their time at Idolise!