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I'm from Norway and I'm still very new to K-pop. I actually didn't discover K-pop until February 7, this year (2018). It was such a big event that I took note of the exact date... haha! XD

I absolutely love BIGBANG and BTS! Some of my other faves are GOT7, 2PM, Seventeen, Block B, Winner, iKON, NCT, SHINee, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet. The list goes on...

I've been playing TCGs on and off since around 2004 but this is the first K-music TCG I've ever joined.

I'm probably not the most social person ever. I never know what to say to people I don't know and especially in English. That is why there is hardly any text on my trading post, and why I'm really struggling to put together a profile here. Oh well, I tried! :)

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