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- it's britney b*tch !-

eyyyy sexy person reading this. ilu already. let's be friends. my name is jules which is my rl nickname too. o/ no one calls me by my full name even though it's just an extra syllable. but i like it. it makes me feel pretty. which i am fabulous, excuse you. i don't know what i was thinking the first time i was typing this like lol??? be nice to urself, jules??? i don't know what nice is. before we get into the about me: if you need something from my keeping, contact me on twitter or discord!

all t all shade, i love gossiping and trashy reality tv shows where people bitchslap the hell out of one another and rip off shirts running across parking lots to attack the person stealing their gf ayeeee. it's probably why i like kpop so much. do you guys know the messiness that happens on the day-to-day? (tbh, you probably do. we're all stans here collecting pixelated cards with peoples' faces on them.) it's my aesthetic. just like bragging about things that aren't really accomplishments but i can convince myself they are. like convincing my feyonce (ty melinda) to take me out for mexican food.

i'm just a simple u.s. southern boy who gets to brag about living in tokyo for 5+ years which obv. gives me bragging rights bc i'm a huge weeb and so are my friends. do you guys understand how addicting idol anime is??? pretty sure most of u do, actually. so ok. ANYWAYS i had to leave bc i was broke and getting my gay ass gay married in the states to a man who thought he was moving up b/c i'm so "worldly" and have a good degree so i have "good job prospects" jokes on him. i'm bringing so much debt into this relationship. which is why it's ??? that i've now decided to work in medicine (SOB.)

other hobbies aside from tcgs include: playing ffxiv on one of my 5 alts and never finishing the msq (glam, guys. GLAM.), watching idol anime/variety shows, avoiding listening to the newest kpop bops, spending money on things i can't afford, having generalized anxiety over situations that will never happen (probably), collecting figures & dollfie dreams (I NEED TAKANE SHIJOU SOB), mari ohara, slowly pushing my fiance off the bed with my stuffed animal fort, day drinking, talking on the phone for hours (ITS A GEMINI THING), avoiding responsibilities.

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