Eimii (Level 23)

now playing

Been playing TCGs as far back as i can remember. First one was Celluloid but I was very active in Moonlight Legend, Trading Academy, Synthesis. Staffer at Rockin Nippon but its currently on Hiatus. Ran Endless Story, a drama TCG for a year or so.

My Biases: Hwasa (MAMAMOO), Jinsoul who am i kidding EVERYONE (LOONA), Amber (fx), Sooyoung (SNSD), Sunmi (Wonder Girls), Jiwoo (KARD), Hani & Hyelin (EXID), Choa (AOA), Mimi (Oh My Girl), Lisa (BLACKPINK), Miya (GWSN), Seulgi (Red Velvet)

My Favorite Groups: MAMAMOO, Red Velvet, KARD, WJSN, Girls\\\\\\\' Generations, Wonder Girls, EXID, LOONA, BLACKPINK, PRISTIN, AOA, BOL4, TWICE, PLAYBACK, STELLAR, Oh My Girl, SPICA,

My Favorite Solos: IU, BoA, SUNMI, Heize, Kisum, Fei, Suzy, Taeyeon, Amber, Hoody, Gain, Lim Kim,

Below are all the decks that Eimii has mastered during their time at Idolise!