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hi! I\'m terrible at writing stuff like this but let\'s give it a shot, shall we..

my name is dhee and i\'m caitlin\'s daughter from the other side of world lol. i share same birthdate as yasu although we\'re few years apart and i guess i\'m stuck as a college student forever.

i\'ve been playing tcg since... i think it\'s 2013/2014 when lovelines and heartchu were created. tried to play more at different tcgs but clearly my interest was (and still is) solely on kpop, but recently i\'m really into some japanese rhythm games, mainly cinderella girls: starlight stage! also when i\'m on tcg hiatus, i\'ve been getting deep into seventeen that i kinda shared some translations of their updates sometimes. i admit i have a very vast interest in kpop groups, but in case it\'s not obvious enough, seventeen and apink (and shinee) own my whole heart.

i\'m a very laid back trader (and somehow a blue ipod abuser) so i don\'t really mind getting some card00 and/or random trades, as i should be able to keep some for my trade buddies. if you want to be one, just hit me up! c: (alternatively, though, you can send me any of eunji/joshua/jun cards if you feel hesitated about sending randoms!)

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