Crossy (Level 16)

Hi there!! My name is Crossy or Cross. I'm a Red Velvet fan and will take any opportunity given to throw in a comment, image, song link, or video about/pertaining to any member of Red Velvet if the topic permits. Sometimes I do it even when the topic does NOT permit and I kill the chat! I'm a passionate, but not aggressive fan, so feel free to ignore me or keep scrolling if I've typed 10,000 words about RV and no one has responded. My feelings won't be hurt!

I also like and listen to a lot of other k-pop groups casually and, if they're a group YOU'RE passionate about because they make you happy, I love hearing about it!

I'll constantly be re-collecting RV decks but I also like other cute girls such as the IOI girls, WJSN girls, PRISTIN girls, and more. You are always more than welcome to offer me an RV card if you have nothing to send me OR if you need an RV card or multiple RV cards from my hoard, don't be afraid to send me something else I'm keeping in exchange for those!!

Stay hydrated!

Below are all the decks that Crossy has mastered during their time at Idolise!