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꒰ stream footprint / written by moonbin ꒱

hello!! im cassidy (obviously) but most shorten it to cass so anyone is free to call me that too! im mostly a girl group stan (with red velvet as my ult gg but i really love gfriend as well + wjsn, blackpink, apink, oh my girl, the list goes on...) for boy groups, i mainly like astro, x1 (rip) and some other i casually follow and/or listen to. ult biases are basically whoever i specifically say i accept all cards of/from on my trade post so if you are not sure what to offer me, go with that!

aside from kpop, im also into anime, manga, mobages, and otomes as well as jpop (mostly itano tomomi, e-girls/flower, dream ami, akb48). tl;dr im eternally in idol (and mobage) hell and shoujos will always have my heart!!

re: trading // im not too difficult of a trader and while i will accept most trades sent to me, i would really prefer and appreciate it if when sending me a trade, collecting and 1st priority future cards are offered first. i will always accept cards of astro, red velvet, moonbin, irene, luda, sinb, gyuri (fis9), hitomi, junho and suho tho, even if they are dupes!! if you need a card that you cant ask for when trying to submit a trade or its from a higher priority keeping section, ask me on discord or twitter (@blueberrybin)!

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