The following information has been compiled and organized to help current and upcoming/interested members find out everything that they need to know to enjoy Idolise to the fullest without many speedbumps. If you can not find exactly what you're looking for, please feel free to contact your admin team through Twitter, or join our Idolise Discord to find someone to chat with about our little game!

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Trading Rewards

Just as you might have already expected, trading is a big part of trading card games. Not only is trading extremely beneficial to your collecting decks, but it also serves as an opportunity to gain more card rewards through a counting system that most TCGs may refer to as stamp cards.

Although every TCG is different, Idolise likes to keep it simple when it comes to trading. If you want 5 cards that someone else has, you must send them 5 cards that they are currently collecting or keeping. You may not receive additional cards for any reason. We have a 1 for 1 system.

For every 20 cards you trade, you complete 1 stamp card. Turning in 1 stamp card will earn you 4 random cards. Unlike other trading card games that Caitlin has helped run, Idolise has decided to skip on photo cards or other stamp card rewards, because we’d rather spend time making other custom items.

Understanding and Counting Trades

As mentioned in our logging section, it is required that all members track their incoming and outgoing trades. We recommend keeping your trade logs and activity logs separate, as you must count the number of cards in each trade to be rewarded for your efforts. In the examples below, I have included a counting method that most members use while trying to figure out how many trades they're currently at, as well as how many stamp cards they have filled out in general.

When counting trades for stamp cards and in general, we care about the number of cards you trade not the amount of trades you make overall. So even though Player A traded 2 cards to Player B in one trade, we would count that as 2/20 towards your stamp card, not 1.

To give an example, the following logs should be looked at from bottom to top, which the last trade being the oldest, which is why it is counted first. This particular method may seem over the top, but it is to give you an idea of how to count your own logs.

(We'd also like to mention that Danni has created a cool mod that counts your trades for you so that you don't have to. That can be found HERE under "auto count cards traded in your logs".)

Trade Logs

08/03/2019 ------------

- Traded Haylee: my mc-caitlin, aoa-imjellybabyyuna07, aoa-imjellybabyyuna11, aoa-imjellybabyyuna14, apink-fivenaeun15, twice-likeoohahhmina04, twice-likeoohahhmina05, twice-likeoohahhmina12, twice-likeoohahhmina13, twice-likeoohahhmina16, twice-likeoohahhmina17, twice-likeoohahhmina19, wjsn-happyluda03, bts-springday14, bts-ineedujimin11 for mc-haylee, ptg-shinewooseok09, winner-sentimental14, rv-automatic06, rv-badboyirene06, rv-badboywendy13, rv-badboyyeri06, rv-dumbdumb13, rv-icecreamcakejoy14, rv-peekaboo18, rv-redflavorjoy05, rv-redflavorjoy12, rv-redflavorwendy06, rv-rookieirene12, rv-wouldu06 +14 [17/20]

- Traded Megumi: my rainbow-whoojaekyung13, rainbow-whoojaekyung17 for jbj-myflowertaehyun01, mx-jealousyshownu06 +2 (+1 from previous trade) [3/20]

STAMPCARD #2 ------------

- Traded danni: my boa-oneshottwoshot09, exo-kokobopsehun06, exo-kokobopsehun10, exo-kokobopsehun11, exo-kokobopsehun18 for gg-holidayhyoyeon01, omg-secretgardenmimi11, pristin-weewookyla07, pristin-weewookyulkyung19, pristin-weewoonayoung07 +5 [20/20 +1]

- Traded Usagi: my mc-caitlin, bp-playingwithfirejennie12, bb-loserdaesung09, bb-loserdaesung13, bb-losergdragon02, bb-losergdragon08, bb-losergdragon14, bb-losertaeyang08, bb-losertaeyang13, bb-losertaeyang14 for mc-usagi, svt-prettyuhoshi10, gg-holidaysunny12, gg-holidayyoona13, gg-holidayyuri05, mx-jealousyminhyuk02, pristin-weewookyulkyung10, pristin-weewoosungyeon13, pristin-weewooyehana18, wjsn-happyxuanyi04 +10 [16/20 +1]

- Traded boo fairy: my gncd-damdadi08, gidle-latatasoyeon11, ggd-thebootssally09, gf-rougheunha05, fx-4walls18 for svt-verynice09, svt-verynice11, svt-verynice13, svt-verynice14, svt-verynice16 +5 (+1 from previous trade) [6/20]

STAMPCARD #1 ------------

- Traded Megan: my exo-lovemeright14, ggd-agirllikeme16, missa-onlyyou11 for omg-secretgardenhyojung16, ptg-shineshinwon16, ptg-shineyuto13 +3 [20/20 +1]

- Traded mimi: my skz-district9changbin13, dc-goodnight14, dc-goodnightyoohyeon02, nct-blackonblackjungwoo11 for ptg-shineshinwon04, ptg-shinewooseok05, ptg-shineyeoone11, wno-energeticjihoon10 +4 [18/20]

- Traded Dhee: my ioi-whattamanyoojung16, svt-prettyujoshua18, apink-remembereunji06 for svt-prettyudino18, svt-prettyuhoshi09, svt-prettyuhoshi14 +3 [12/20]

- Traded Cate: my bts-bloodsweatandtears19 for hyuna-babeera20 +1 [9/20]

- Traded boo fairy: my gg-holidaysunny01, ggd-thebootssally14, gidle-latatasoyeon13, got7-ifyoudomark02, kyungri-bluemoon16 for svt-verynice19, svt-verynice20, svt-prettyudino03, svt-prettyudino04, svt-prettyudino06 +5 [8/20]

- Traded zooya: my bts-run13, twice-likeysana10, omg-coloringbook12 for gg-holidayyoona01, gidle-latataminnie13, gidle-latatasoojin09 +3 [3/20]

Physical Stamp Cards

While it is not required to fill out a physical stamp card (like the examples below) to track your progress, we do invite members to make their own should they enjoy having them in their trade piles. They are worth nothing and truly do serve no purpose, other than looks.

If you’re interested in making your own, you can find the PSD here. If you are not Photoshop savvy, I’m very sorry! We will not be accepting donations for stamp cards. As they are purely for looks and have no value in-game, we are allowing members to make only their own at this time.

Optional Incentive

If you’re looking to make yourself a little reward for your efforts, we’ve decided to allow our members their right to make their own photocards. Throughout time, K-Pop TCGs have often provided some sort of trading incentive, like photocards, that were made by the staff. Making photocards for stampcards may be one of the most time-consuming things on earth, due to the pure level of stampcards handed in by our members. We have members with more than 1000 stampcards handed in... so Idolise is skipping them! But feel free to fill your boots.

The only condition to photocards is that you are only allowed one photocard for every completed stampcard. If you have only handed in one stampcard, you should only have 1 photocard! You can use any photos or effects that you would like. At the end of the day, as long as you like your own photocards, then it doesn’t matter what anyone else says.

The PSD file can be found here. Again, these are not at all required! They are purely for fun.