The following information has been compiled and organized to help current and upcoming/interested members find out everything that they need to know to enjoy Idolise to the fullest without many speedbumps. If you can not find exactly what you're looking for, please feel free to contact your admin team through Twitter, or join our Idolise Discord to find someone to chat with about our little game!

Getting Started
For Members
Idolise TCG

Setting Up

Before you join in on all the fun, you're going to need a safe and secure place to store all of your cards. In the TCG world, this is often referred to as your trade post (or some may call it a card post). They come in all shapes and sizes but most people prefer to use some sort of self-hosted website, Livejournal or Dreamwidth.

If you're looking for some examples of what the average trade post looks like, I highly recommend clicking through our member page. Everyone organizes their trade post differently, and everyone has their preference.

One thing you may notice, however, is that the majority of our members do operate their trade posts through a beautiful script called eTCG, which uploads and organizes your entire trade post for you. We do highly recommend this to any interested parties, as it is both a time-saver, as well as the easiest way to avoid losing cards through complicated hand-coding.

Regardless, a website-hosted trade post and a journal trade post are completely different, but one works just as well as the other. The real key to an easy to use trade post is organization! Most people sort their cards into neat and tidy piles, putting them into groups of keeping and trading, at the very least. Though, eventually, everyone gets a feel for what works best for them and may add more sections.

If you are unsure and looking for a great place to start, we recommend having at least the following categories to help potential traders easily navigate your trade post:

  • COLLECTING for the decks you are currently actively looking to master. People will usually offer you these cards first, as it's the highest priority!
  • KEEPING for the decks that you plan on mastering later, but you're not actually focusing on these at the moment. People will absolutely still give you these cards, normally as a second priority.
  • TRADING for the decks that you're not planning on collecting right now (maybe never) and are willing to trade away to your fellow members! These are cards that people will take in exchange for giving you the cards you're collecting and keeping.

In addition to having some form of trade post, all members are required to have a way of being contacted as well. This can be in the form of a link to a forum thread, a trade form, an email link or a link to your Twitter account so you can receive trades from your fellow members. While it's not required, it is encouraged to have a few different methods of accepting trades! This will help ensure you're not turning any potential offers away because they don't like/can't use any of your trading methods.

LOOKING FOR HOSTING? The mysterious (and well maintained) TCG Wiki has a list of hosts. You can also contact Caitlin through this Google Form to join the Let's Trade Card network.