The following information has been compiled and organized to help current and upcoming/interested members find out everything that they need to know to enjoy Idolise to the fullest without many speedbumps. If you can not find exactly what you're looking for, please feel free to contact your admin team through Twitter, or join our Idolise Discord to find someone to chat with about our little game!

Getting Started
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Idolise TCG

Deck Masteries

Once you have successfully collected all of the cards in a single deck, you are invited to master it and will receive a reward of 2 choice card coupons (which CAN be to master another deck), 5 random cards, and a badge, much like the examples below.

Once you master any deck in the TCG, you can not trade these cards away for any reason unless you get duplicates of any of the cards in the future! Your masteries will also be displayed in your profile on the site as well as listed in the individual deck's page as one of the deck masters. To turn in a mastery, head on over to our Mastery Form and submit for rewards.

Custom Mastery Badges

Although the mastery badge that comes with a specific deck will not change (unless it is remade or includes an error, which we will fix), we do give members the opportunity to choose their own image and receive a custom badge for any decks they have mastered (once, or more than once). These custom badges, however, must be purchased via our purchased for gems and requested through their designated forum topic.

These custom badges will always keep the same color scheme as the original. There will be no custom border colors with these, even though they are a shop purchase. Custom mastery badges are displayed through member profiles and at the bottom of individual deck page, allowing other members to see them!