The following information has been compiled and organized to help current and upcoming/interested members find out everything that they need to know to enjoy Idolise to the fullest without many speedbumps. If you can not find exactly what you're looking for, please feel free to contact your admin team through Twitter, or join our Idolise Discord to find someone to chat with about our little game!

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Keeping Accurate Logs

Prior to 2020, Idolise ran entirely on the honor system. When a user played games or handed in masteries, they were in charge of keeping accurate a detailed logs to show how each of their cards had come into their possession. There was no way of knowing if those logs were correct, or if a user had edited them. Since we have recently upgraded our site to be a little more user friendly, logs are now automatically stored in a database and kept safe for members to copy and move over to eTCG in a secure and accurate way. We have essentially removed the ability to forge logs.

Members are required to keep track of their own traded cards as well, for both incoming and outgoing trades. In most situations, we recommend that trade logs and activity logs (games, rewards from masteries, etc) are kept separate for ease.

Any time that you use our form for masteries or trader rewards, your logs are at risk of being looked over to ensure each card you claim to have has come from either a game, trade, or other Idolise reward. That's why it's important you keep a detailed and accurate log; we like to ensure our members are playing fairly!

Below, we have a few examples of what logs should and shouldn't look like.

Good Logs

Activity Logs
08/03/2019 ------------
- It's Me: bb-loser11, ikon-lovescenariobobby07, lvlz-twinkle13, shinee-viewonew15
- That's My Jam: ptg-runawayedawn16, loona-love4evagowon15, unit-nomorehyunjoo03, exo-powersehun19
- Where You At?: april-mayday08, svt-trauma12, amber-shakethatbrass17, loona-sonatine01, +100 coins - Baby: sungkyu-kontrol19, taeyeon-makemeloveyou18, got7-hardcarry16, mxm-diamondgirlyoungmin05

08/02/2019 ------------
- Deck Mastery (svt-dontwannacryjeonghan): clc-pepeseunghee06, exo-monsterchanyeol10, exo-bloomingday19, stlr-stinggayoung01, tvxq-thechanceoflove10
- Deck Mastery (b1a4-aliesandeul): luna-freesomebodyera03, svt-prettyujun06, chungha-loveu12, rv-badboyseulgi17, jbj-fantasysanggyun14
- Rank Up (Level 2): svt-adoreuvernon12, mmlnd-bboombboomyeonwoo03, shinee-viewonew13, exo-monster12
Trade Logs
08/03/2019 ------------
- Trade Caitlin: ace-undercover14, exo-monsterchen15 for astro-crazysexycooljinjin14, twice-cheerupjihyo10
- Traded Nikki: mmoo-starrynightwheein14, izone-lavieenroseyuri10 for loona-hihighchoerry12, kara-cupidgyuri13

Bad Logs

08/03/2019 ------------
- Played games and received cards.
- Traded cards to caitlin.
- Received trader rewards.
- Mastered svt-jeonghanmansae.