The following information has been compiled and organized to help current and upcoming/interested members find out everything that they need to know to enjoy Idolise to the fullest without many speedbumps. If you can not find exactly what you're looking for, please feel free to contact your admin team through Twitter, or join our Idolise Discord to find someone to chat with about our little game!

Getting Started
For Members
Idolise TCG


Limits are in place to give everyone a fair shot at donating their favorite artists. Please read through all of the rules before donating.

  • Each member is allowed to donate 5 decks per month.
  • Of those 5 decks, only 2 may be from the same solo-artist or group.
    • ✔️ 2 music videos from the same artist.
    • ❌ 2 era decks of the same person.
    • ❌ 2 era decks and 2 music video decks from the same artist.
    • ✔️ 1 music video and 1 era deck from the same artist.
    • ✔️ 2 era decks of two different people from the same group.
    • Exceptions:

    • ✔️ 2 music videos from one group and 2 music videos from another group that have overlapping members. (example: 2 I.O.I music videos and 2 Chungha music videos)
    • ✔️ 2 era decks of two different people from one group and 2 era decks of two different people from another group that have overlapping members. (example: Donating I.O.I Nayoung and I.O.I Kyulkyung at the same time as donation Pristin Eunwoo and Pristin Roa)
  • Nothing released before 2016 will be accepted. At this time, we are retiring 2015 decks.
  • Decks must be claimed through our official forum topic before they can be donated.
  • Donated decks must be approved by a member of our staff before rewards can be taken.
  • Before zipping your donation up, please ensure your folder is labeled properly. All folder names ahould match the deck filename. (example: EXO - Suho (Monster) would be: exo-monstersuho, just like the deck)
  • All members are eligible for a choice card after 5 donations. This is your overall count, no matter when each donation took place. It is your responsibility to track these and take them.
  • Any claimed decks that were not donated are reset when the current month ends. You are free to claim a deck again if someone does not beat you to it.
  • Please avoid last minute claims. The end of the month is usually the busiest time incoming finished donations, and last minute claims may not be approved quality due to this.
  • If an extension is required for good reason, please reach out to an admin or a member of our donation team to request additional time.
Music Video Donations

Rewards: 3 random cards per 1 donation.

  • Please keep donations under 200 screencaps.
  • Avoid leaving blurry and unusable screencaps in your donations. You can not run an auto-screencapper and not go through and delete the bad ones. You must edit your folder. We want the deck to look as good as possible, and it starts with the donation.
  • Although it is not required, organizing your music video caps while you edit is a great way to help our deck makers. By sorting caps into separate folders, this ensures the deck maker is aware of each member and creates a fair and equal deck.
  • Regarding new releases: Members are not allowed to claim a music video on the same day it was released. If the music video is released on Tuesday (by our forum clock), then a member must wait until Wednesday to claim it.
  • Music videos must be an official release.
  • As of June 2020, one of the following must be true in order for a music video to be claimed:
    • Song is a promoted track from a Korean released album.
    • Song is a b-side from a Korean released album.
Era Donations

Rewards: 5 random cards per 1 donation.

  • Donations must include 70-120 images.
  • As of June 2020, era donations must include dated images.
  • Please ensure that you are including as many unique days from the promotional period as possible.
    • We recommend tackling your donations one date at a time.
    • Please ensure you are cross-checking Twitter, Google, Tumblr and any other resources for images.
    • Try searching the idol's name in English, as well as Korean. This may help you find more photos.
    • When you are done finding photos for a single day, simply highlight those new photos, right click and rename all of them at once.
  • Please only include high quality and un-edited images in your donations. If an image is missing its logo, you may have accidentally saved a pre-cropped image.
  • All images must be of candid nature. Our era decks are made up of fan-taken images, as well as high quality news photos. As a rule of thumb: If a fan couldn't have taken the image, it should not be included.
    • ✔️ Music show performance photos.
    • ✔️ News-taken images from open events, performances, arrivals.
    • ✔️ Fan-taken images from open events, performances, arrivals.
    • ❌ Behind the scenes photos from music videos and concerts.
    • ❌ Magazine scans/official photos.
    • ❌ Screencaps of any type.
    • ❌ Self-taken images (selcas).
  • Only include images taken during the artist's promotion period (starting from the day of their music video release, comeback stage or showcase), and up to 2 months after their final goodbye stage.
  • New eras can be claimed 2 months after an artist's final goodbye stage on music shows. If an artist has their final goodbye stage for their most recent era on October 11th, then the earliest day that someone could claim a deck from that era would be December 12th at 12am.
    • I an attempt to create more equal opportunities, you may only claim 1 deck from a newly available era during the first 24 hours. Using the example above, that would mean claiming only 1 deck on December 12th. Feel free to claim a second deck on December 13th.
      • If an artist has a comeback before the 2 month period has finished, Idolise members are free to claim the new era the day after one of the following has happened:
        • The artist has had a showcase for the song.
        • The new song has been performed on a music show.
        • The new song has had a music video released for it (this can only apply if their previous track is no longer being performed on music shows).
    • In situations where an artist does a followup track without a repackage, any drastic styling changes or a pause in promotions: This likely is not considered a new era. Please follow up with the Idolise team in figuring out where the line is drawn.

2020 Eras

With the lack of fan-attended events and fantaken photos for 2020 eras, we've been discussing how to handle these decks. For artists who promoted without fans present due to COVID (and ONLY these eras), the following images will be allowed:

  • HIGH QUALITY screenshots from performances, music show fancams, viewable radio shows. Please make sure that these are the highest quality possible and without movement/blur. If you're taking them from Twitter, make sure that a heavy filter hasn't been placed on them!
  • Naver x Dispatch photoshoots.
  • Behind the scenes images, eg from music video filming or photoshoots.
  • Of course, if any fan taken images exist they're still welcomed along with news photos and photos from music shows.
  • We are NOT accepting selcas, as these pictures tend to be low quality/too close to crop for cards/have unnatural filters.
  • We are also not accepting official photoshoot images.
  • If you can find any other images that we haven't included in these guidelines but that you think may work, run them by us! We may add them to the list.

As a reminder, our cards are 115 px x 85 px. If you're unsure about an image, try cropping it to that size and see if it matches Idolise cards.

We are aiming to make these 2020 decks with 20 cards, so we're asking that each donation have an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of 40 images and among those 40 images, AT LEAST 10 different outfits/days. It's important to us that our decks have some variety! If you feel like you can't meet these requirements, contact your admins with what you've collected and we'll see what we can work out. We really do want to make these decks for you guys.

era donations: good vs bad

Because a lot of our information may be a little unclear, we recommend that users read this guide before they me attempt their first deck donation or reference it while they're compiling their folder. We understand that some artists have a much larger variety of high quality photos available, and that some donations are just a lot easier to make, but these guidelines are necessary in helping you get your donation right the first time. These guidelines are here to not only help you determine which images are worth adding to a donation, but which photos are better off being left behind as well. The more photos you add that can't be used usually means the more time it takes your deck maker to sort through your donation to make a deck out of it.

AGAIN, we only use fan taken images or news photos that are candid (taken during performances, arrivals, press conferences: never photoshoots, selcas, magazine scans, teasers, etc), so please do not include images that are otherwise just going to be passed over and rejected!

That being said, I think we can all agree that the more photos, the better. Variety is a beautiful thing. But a 100+ photo donation is entirely worthless if I can't use most of the photos in it. Sorting through a difficult donation causes me to take longer to make those decks, or just give up entirely and add it back to the queue for when I'm being ambitious.

If there are photos you really love and you are unsure of, add them to the donation. But make sure there are enough for-sure photos in there, otherwise it might be a little while before your deck comes out.

bad images

If needed, clicking the image thumbnails will make them larger.

The above photos may look different, but they have some very important in common. Both are too close for me to work with. Although the left photo is beautifully lit and the quality is incredible, there is absolutely no way I'd be able to crop this into our deck template. The photo on the right could potentially be color corrected to match what a normal deck would look like, and it is a little further away, it would still cause me a lot of trouble. It's a little too off center, and if you look below, you can get a better idea of just how they'd pan out as cards.

On the left side, we have an imagine that would genuinely be otherwise perfect if not for how close it is. Because it literally can not be cropped any other way, we're left staying close. In our deck template, we'd end up covering his chin or giving up his entire forehead. With how consistently I like to crop my decks, I genuinely believe this sort of image is a waste of time. On the right side, we have an imagine that would require a lot of editing if we decided it was necessary for the deck. The photo is incredibly yellow and, as if that wasn't bad enough, it is also off center. This imagine can't be easily cropped and in order to center the card, we would have to crop even closer than we've already been forced to.

Now that we've covered images that are too close, I want to dive into some photos that may normally cause some confusion while you're scrolling by. A few of these would actually be considered good photos if you were scraping the bottom of the barrel for those lesser known groups, but a majority of the groups who are promoting right now have amazing fansites, so I would still prefer we avoid these if at all possible.

I've chosen all of the above images for different reasons. More or less.

The very first image (although VERY CUTE) is a nearly impossible fix. For me, anyway. Even if I could fix the color of this photo to bring it back to a skin tone, I don't think I'd be able to easily fix the inconsistent lighting. I'm sure there would still be uneven and bright patches on their faces where the light is hitting them. Scroll by photos like this. They do not belong in your donation! ♥

The second photo is another example of an image that is too close. It's beautiful, but it would throw the deck off because of how I'd be forced to crop.

Our third photo is a little bit different. I had originally added it into the guide as another photo with lighting issues. Although this image would be easy to fix and color match with the rest of the deck, I would still prefer that you avoid images that may throw a donation off. If you're scrolling through your donation and you see a photo like this, that is much darker than most fan taken photos, just delete it. Of course, with that being said, this is an excellent example of a photo that could be salvaged for your lesser known groups, or groups with a lack of fansites.

In our fourth image, this angel wearing a flower crown is so beautiful that I might just cry, but this image has a slight coloring issue. It's a little bit on the green (?) side and while that could be fixed if need be... I would prefer to do as little editing to someone else's photos as possible.

The next photo is in the same boat as our last. It's beautifully taken and the quality is really great, but it would mean color correcting to make sure it meshes with the rest of our deck.

The last photo I'm including today is super cute, but would take a lot of color correcting to get back his skin tone and it is also a little too close to crop with ease. Images like this are a real shame and they often give the appreciance that they can be cropped... They're tricking you!

One issue with a lot of portrait/vertical photos is that they're often more difficult for us to crop than those that are landscape/horizontal. All of the above examples are too close for us to crop. There are a few with lighting/coloring issues, but even more than that, the closeness is what I was focusing on when I decided on these photos. I think that most people will be able to get a better idea of what to avoid from the above images.

good images

So let's move on to the good examples of what I'm always happy to see in a donation. I am not going to really bother talking about the why behind the choices I've made for good images, because I think that the bad images have already filled you in enough. All of the below images require no real editing on my part. They're all going to be easy to crop because they give me a ton of wiggle room on either side of his cute little head. The less editing I have to do, the better. We're seeking photos that will easily slide into our deck template without making a card look like it belongs to another TCG.

There's a lot less to say about images that I consider easy to work with. I've chosen the above and below photos because of their lighting and how easy they are to crop. None of these photos are too close and they wouldn't take any effort at all to slide into our deck template. No real editing necessary!

If there's only final thing I can leave with everyone, it is that not all donations are going to be easy. Not everyone is as blessed as me with Yoon Jeonghan and his 50 beautiful fansites. I encourage all of you to just do your best. If you're having a hard time finding photos or you just need advice, reach out to your admin team here on the forum or through our Twitter and we will do everything we can to help make your bias decks come true.