The following information has been compiled and organized to help current and upcoming/interested members find out everything that they need to know to enjoy Idolise to the fullest without many speedbumps. If you can not find exactly what you're looking for, please feel free to contact your admin team through Twitter, or join our Idolise Discord to find someone to chat with about our little game!

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Idolise Cards and Decks

Here at Idolise, there are currently 3 types of decks, and a few types of cards that are worth knowing about. If you are a new member, we highly recommend using this page while you're setting your site up. It will help you understand what each card type is worth.

Music Video Decks

All music video decks have 20 cards each card is worth 1 towards your overall count. For consistency, our MV decks are made with the official version of the music video. At this time, we only allow Korean released music videos and are not accepting any international singles.

In the early days of Idolise, the only music videos we accepted and made into decks were official releases that had an accompanying era. This rule has been abolished and members can enjoy a variety of music video decks for promoted tracks, as well as officially released music video decks for Korean b-sides and singles that were not promoted.

Completing a music video deck by collecting all 20 cards will reward you with 5 random cards, 1 choice card (which can be used to master), and the accompanying mastery badge for that deck. Learn more about masteries here.

Era Decks

All era decks have 20 cards and each card is worth 1 towards your overall count. Era decks are made entirely of fan-taken/news photos that were snapped during the promotional period, as well as a two-month buffer following the final goodbye stage to give more possibility of variety in the photos. We use fan-taken and news images because photoshoots, selcas and album scans can be tricky to work with. Using candid photos means a lot of personality and happy memories from the days that fall within the promotional period!

The border color of each era deck is determined by its accompanying music video deck. The border color is kept the same across all decks from a single era, just to make sure that they look great together on both the deck page and your trade post.

Completing an era deck by collecting all 20 cards will reward you with 5 random cards, 1 choice card (which can be used to master), and the accompanying mastery badge for that deck. Learn more about masteries here.

Limited Edition Decks

All limited edition decks have 20 cards and each card is worth 1 towards your overall count. As the name may suggest, these decks are only around for a limited amount of time and always come along with a unique theme that you can't get anywhere from any other deck. Instead of having a single donator, each card in the limited edition deck comes from a different person! It's collaboration project that anyone can participate in and donate to.

Completing a limited edition deck by collecting all 20 cards will reward you with 5 random cards, 1 choice card (which can be used to master), a custom mastery badge and a pretty keep card. More about pretty keep cards below. Learn more about masteries here.

Pretty Keep Cards

All pretty keep cards are worth 1 towards your overall count. Pretty keep cards are not masterable and can only be earned through special events and limited edition deck masteries. These cards are purely for display purposes and can not be traded to other members. They are just for the person who earned them and no one else.

More About Filenames

Although there may be times where the method behind the way we name our decks seem arbitrary, I promise that there is a system at play here. To eliminate mistakes that our members may make - specifically in the trades realm, where formatting a filename incorrectly could cause confusion - I wanted to explain the format and some of the things that we specifically get asked about.

As a general rule of thumb, all of our decks are name quite similarly.

MUSIC VIDEO DECKS: artist-songtitle (hyuna-lipandhip)

ERA DECKS: artist-songtitlemember (svt-dontwannacryjeonghan)

SOLO ARTIST ERA DECKS: artist-songtitleera (sewoon-justuera)

If the artist name is abbreviated on the actual card graphic (SVT instead of Seventeen for example), the filename will include that abbreviation as well, as you can see in the below example. Hovering over the card will allow you to view the full filename.

Following the name of the artist, there is a single dash and the name of the song. Whether the name is spelled out fully on the card itself or abbreviated, the filename is written out completely. This is for consistency purposes, where the card itself might show an abbreviated version of the song title or the full name. It depends on the amount of space leftover.

If you are dealing with an era deck, the song title will always be followed by the member's name.

If you are wondering why the song title goes first, followed by the member's name in the filename, it is so that same-era cards will appear alphabetically on your page with no extra work on your end. This also comes in handy if your mastered page is shown in alphabetical order as well.

Solo artist eras are sort of an exception to the usual rule. As it would be redundant to have a deck called hyuna-lipandliphyuna (with her name appearing twice), we follow the song title with the word era: hyuna-lipandhipera

Among our decks, you may notice that there solo music video decks (bts-airplane, for example, which is technically a solo J-Hope release) that fall under that person's group prefix, rather than their name. The reason for this is because these decks are not from promoted eras. They are just music videos that will never have an era deck and are therefore categorized to go along with the usual group. The reason why a deck such as eunji-hopefullysky, which is a release from Eunji of Apink, gets categorized under Eunji instead of Apink is only that it was promoted through music shows and has its own era.

Member Cards

Although member cards are collectable, they are not masterable. Unlike our regular trading cards, member cards are worth 0 toward your overall card count. They do, however, count as 1 card traded when it comes to counting and handing in your stampcards for rewards.

Before a member is ready to play, they must first request their member card through our forum. Member cards can be any image that a member would like. There are no image requirements for these cards.

Unlike some trading card games, our member cards do not feature any pixels to denote status. Instead, our member’s page has all the information you need regarding member status.

When a member hits their 1 year anniversary (by the date they joined on forum), they are welcome to request a second member card. These member cards can be traded as well, but can only be traded for another anniversary member card! These are requested through our forum.

All past and present member cards can be viewed via member's profiles on our member list. Click on a members badge to view their profile!

Event Cards

Like most TCGs, Idolise enjoys celebrating milestones with event cards that our members can take and display on their personal pages. These cards are worth 0 and are not available for mastery or trading.

Event cards are larger than our regular cards and are more like badges. Event cards are released as new milestones are met, helping us celebrate as our website grows and changes. They are also released as we meet goals, or, just because we feel like it. Images we use on our event cards will vary and we are very sorry if we never feature your favorite artists. We do choose these images from a channel on our Discord server and there are more images than we'll ever possibly use, so we do apologize.

Here at Idolise, we also enjoy celebrating our member's birthdays. Birthday badges can be requested by members through our forum! Each month, a new topic is created for birthday babies to take advantage of. Unlike regular event badges, birthday badges are specifically for that particular person who is celebrating! It's for them to display proudly on their personal page. You can not take anyone else’s birthday badge. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait for your own!

If you'd like to see all of our event cards, click here for our directory.