Dream Deck

For 2020 in lieu of our usual mini masteries, we've decided to try something new. A dream deck can be whatever you want it to be. Basically, you choose the theme and instead of the four mini badges, you'll recieve one mastery badge and a pretty keep card of your choice.

» Every month you will have the chance to master one dream deck.

» This deck can follow any theme you want. It can be based around one particular idol, a hair colour, an article of clothing, anything you can imagine. Let your creativity run wild with this one!

» Then, collect any 20 cards that match this theme. They do not have to be in any kind of numerical order, and unlike our mini masteries you're welcome to use multiple cards of the same idol if you wish.

» Once you've collected your cards you cannot trade them away and must master them like a normal deck.

» You can choose any name you wish for your dream deck mastery badge and pretty keep card, however Caitlin and Nikki reserve the right to refuse a name if it is offensive or make fun of you if we think it's ridiculous. The limit for name length is 15 characters, including spaces!

» With your cards collected and theme chosen, head over to the forum to request your badge and card! For the dream deck, ANY IMAGE can be used as long as it is high quality! We reserve the right to reject an image if we feel it's low quality or not croppable, but otherwise go wild. On top of these, you will also receive regular rewards for mastering a deck (5 random cards and 2 choice card coupons)

» Below is a carefully curated deck Nikki has created as an example featuring idols with their mouths wide open.