Idolise TCG 3.3.6

July 15: The forum has been updated and it is currently being re-colored.

When certain decks are retired, new topics will be created to implement phasing those cards out. We request that members trade those cards in exchange for random rewards.
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By caitlin
ari wrote: Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:15 am Card: le-vintagef09
Changing For: le-vintagef20

HELLO, it's me. Your terrible neglectful mother.Ii assume you've made this swap already, but just in case!

Retired Deck (le-vintage): le-vintagef09 for le-vintagef20
Lex wrote:# of Cards: 3
List of Cards: le-vintagef09, le-vintagem01, le-vintagem04

HI LEX... I'm sooooo sorry for the long wait. I am the worst!

Retired Deck (le-vintage): le-vintagef09, le-vintagem01, le-vintagem04 for pristin-welikexiyeon01, dongwoo-newsera04, apink-imsosicknamjoo04
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By yasu
pls dont mind me LOL

# of Cards: 1
List of Cards: le-vintagef03 (for bap-feelsogood18), used the automated retired deck swap!!
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By Cami
I actually used the automated Retired Deck Swap for these...

# of Cards: 39
List of Cards: le-vintagem01, le-vintagem02, le-vintagem03, le-vintagem04, le-vintagem05, le-vintagem06, le-vintagem07, le-vintagem08, le-vintagem09, le-vintagem10, le-vintagem11, le-vintagem12, le-vintagem13, le-vintagem14, le-vintagem15, le-vintagem16, le-vintagem17, le-vintagem18, le-vintagem19, le-vintagem20, le-vintagef01, le-vintagef02, le-vintagef03, le-vintagef04, le-vintagef05, le-vintagef06, le-vintagef07, le-vintagef09, le-vintagef10, le-vintagef11, le-vintagef12, le-vintagef13, le-vintagef14, le-vintagef15, le-vintagef16, le-vintagef17, le-vintagef18, le-vintagef19 (FOR ace-goblinbyeongkwan10, apink-fivenaeun10, april-maydaychaekyung12, ateez-wonderlandhongjoong13, b1a4-aliebaro11, bap-thatsmyjamzelo17, bts-firesuga17, bts-on20, dia-woowaheehyun08, exo-monstersehun20, fiestar-mirrorjei01, gidle-ohmygodmiyeon03, hyuna-lipandhip10, key-oneofthosenightsera17, lc-therain06, loona-sowhatyves15, lvlz-wagzak05, mmoo-tallerthanyou03, mx-shootoutwonho04, mx-shootoutwonho20, nct-regulardoyoung20, nct-regularyuta04, nct-weyounghaechan11, nct-weyoungmark20, onf-wemustloveu17, samuel-one03, sf9-goodguytaeyang06, skz-mypaceleeknow02, skz-mypaceseungmin02, skz-mypaceseungmin09, skz-ontrack07, svt-myi17, svt-prettyumingyu03, winner-lovemeloveme03, wjsn-happyeunseo01, wjsn-momomochengxiao17, wjsn-momomomeiqi07, wno-energeticdaniel09)

Yes, I know I very well had the cards to master le-vintagem well before it was retired and it's my own fault that I couldn't claim it.
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