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By Mio
Everyone agreed that level badges are a lot to keep up with. We'll be doing away with level badges! This will allow us to make leveling up more interesting with the possibility of adding the ability to prestige for better odds, or weekly powerups, or literally anything that sounds fun to the members. We'll have to discuss this even more!
I love this idea! This would make leveling up more interesting rather than us just getting a few cards for it I love it lol

Everyone who joined us to chat agreed that keeping fan clubs and lightsticks would make them very happy. We're happy to do that for you guys. We'll have to make sure that upon reboot, that every existing Fanclub has at least one deck released.
I didn't even think of the current fan club and lightstick rules when I asked if we could keep what we currently have... it wouldn't really make sense to keep what we currently have/have joined then sadly. (we would get way too many cards of 1-2 decks depending on what is released first haha) Would a discount be possible then for anyone who already purchased a or the exact same fan club and lightstick? Or even give us one for free as soon as the requirements are met? :eyes: just as a little bonus for everything we lose lmao

I forgot to ask this on Sunday! But what will happen to the dream deck activity?

The rest actually answered a lot of other questions I had that I forgot so :thumbsup:
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By Catherine
Sorry I'm a little late to respond :shock:

#1: My dislike of this is what you mentioned, not being able to customize; however with that said, I do enjoy the automated TCGs out there but I don't find myself playing them as often as non-automated ones because I think them being easier makes it a little boring.
Some of the things I customize are my photocards from trading and organizing my future dream decks... which I'm not even sure how you would add something like that to an automated TCG. Maybe do like an image uploader with a sorter and title we add ourselves.
Also, could there be some sort of option for those that would prefer to keep their tradepost off-site?

danni wrote: Thu Dec 16, 2021 8:30 pm I've customized things to be very very efficient on my trade post (public mods that you all know + some private ones I use for myself including templatized forum posts, internal needed lists to help with forum choice cards, codes for choice cards exchangers, etc
I do the same thing but I think if there is a way to incorporate the mods and other things that we can input ourselves like a private place to stash things like Danni said, that would be great.

yasu wrote: Thu Dec 16, 2021 10:19 pm I wouldn't need to talk and DM different people to trade with them, like right in the beginning, where you guys would post up a new update and we'd rush to Discord to try and tell everyone what we're looking for, the crazy rush of asking for pulls and all that
I feel like this could still be done. On one of the automated TCGs, can't you have the option so you have to approve a trade? And if a member is inactive for a certain amount of time, the admin can switch them to automated. We could do that and then make it so you could also have the ability to edit the trade and send the option back and forth and still DM for contact. And instead of taking a pull a getting a random card like the current automated TCGs do, make it so you can choose a specific card number so asking for pulls between members can stay the same?

Lex wrote: Fri Dec 17, 2021 2:25 am the one thing that might be extra troublesome is mini masteries/dream decks if people want to display the actual cards and stuff like that....
THIS, I want to display my actual cards.

#2: I would be ok with a trade pile wipe as long as it was only our trading pile and not collecting/keeping/might/mastered and if we got something in return even if it was custom content or coupon or something. I also think in wiping the trade pile, we would need to reset all our levels to 1 and not include the above-mentioned collecting/keeping/might/mastered that we keep after the wipe. I would NOT be ok with losing things like fanclubs, lightsticks, currency, coupons... we worked hard to get those.

If you are talking about taking everything away as we have all worked hard for what we have so far and our goals... starting over from scratch... I'm not sure I'd come back unless we are truly starting over as in all decks will be taken away and re-released that way I can look forward to new decks being released again.

#3: ... on a side note ... one of the things I really look forward to while playing any TCG is the optional stuff with the custom content like the dream decks, photocards, mini masteries, and getting to choose our own images for things. As much as I love Idolize, with limiting it to just eras and nothing before 2015, is a little disheartening at times because there is soooo much that I love from prior to 2015 (and I know a lot of us out there are old now who like the older stuff) that I know we would never be able to have eras for and right now I feel like everything released is the same groups over and over again becausse they are "popular". And my point to that is the only way I can get that kind of older stuff on the site or in my tradepost is through the custom content. I know Idolise is supposed to be for era completion but if you're trying to change things up for the game like in your questions, why not consider changing other things as well.
Have you ever given any thought as maybe some type of events or special releases or special decks throught the year of just mvs prior to 2015 and not retire anything?

caitlin wrote: Sun Dec 19, 2021 10:15 pm [*] Everyone agreed that level badges are a lot to keep up with. We'll be doing away with level badges!
:cry: I like the Level Badges :cry: as I said above my reasoning for custom content. My level badges are done in the order of my biases, then my bias groups, then my bias and bias wreckers within those groups, then my fav mvs from those groups.
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By Pam
Sorry I've not responded. As someone who doesn't even used ETCG I am used to a completely manual tradepost. I don't think I've come across an automated TCG so not sure how they work but I assume from my point of view my tradepost would be more up to date in an automated system? Although I do find editing my tradepost relaxing I am not opposed to the idea if we have the ability to personalise out tradeposts.

As far as a tradepile wipe I'm sure I have loads of cards for trade that have been there for ages so wouldn't mind losing.

Overall I would need to find out more about how it all would work to see if I still wanted to play but I do love this TCG so would not like to give it up
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