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Come collect your dream deck every month!
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By caitlin
Once you have your dream deck all finished, send us a link to your collecting page so that we can see that everything is in order. The deck will need to be on display so that we can see it.

If you're seeking additional information about our new dream decks, take a look at our information page.

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[b]Collecting Page:[/b] [url=]URL[/url]
[b]Name of Your Deck:[/b] (THIS IS YOUR BADGE AND CARD TEXT... remember, no more than 15 characters!)
[b]Mastery Badge Image Request:[/b] [url=]URL[/url]
[b]Pretty Keep Card Image Request:[/b] [url=]URL[/url]
[b]Special Requests:[/b] (optional)

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By argh
Collecting Page: Dream Deck Page
Name of Your Deck: Hot Summer
Mastery Badge Image Request: URL
Pretty Keep Card Image Request: URL
Special Requests: For the card if you can keep both Eunwoo and JinJin in (both are shirtless lol). I don't mind if they are quite small. For the badge too... please keep all 4 members in thanks. Also feel free to swap the images around (i.e. use the card for the master badge etc if you think it would work better~^^) Thank you (:
(example badge and card
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