Idolise Shop

Welcome to the official Idolise shop! This is the only place for our members to spend their hard earned currency. As of August 2019, there have been quite a few changes to what our members can purchase and how often. Please ensure that you are reading all of the information on each page, as this will help you make less mistakes in your purchases!

Making a purchase:

» Click on the item you want to purchase and you will be redirected to its checkout page.
» Once you have read all of the information regarding your purchase and you're ready to buy, type your username into the designated field and click the "Submit" button directly below.
» You will immediately be taken to the final page, where you will find your reward line and any additional information detailing how your purchase will be delivered.
» Log your purchase and make sure you remove the spent currency from your trade post.
» For additional information and a full scope of our shop options, please refer to our information page.