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173 posted by caitlin (210704)

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Idolise for another Sunday update. This is also acting as our monthly update... And you know what that means!


Member of the month is back, at long last! As a lot of you already know, our MOTM is chosen at random from one of our active players. This month is Mya! Congratulations Mya!

For the month of July, we'll be releasing decks that Mya has chosen. Please look forward to those!

(I also acknowledge that I owe you months of event cards... Please hold, I will make those eventually and stop being lazy. Thanks!)

So I broke the forum on Wednesday

Some of you may not have noticed, but there was quite a bit of downtime on Thursday due to something that I had done to the forum. I won't get into it, but I do want to mention that I had to roll back the site and our database to an earlier version to fix the problem.

I had backed up the most recent versions of our files/database, but there may be some instances where I forgot to swap the files out.

One example happened in the Dream Deck badges that I had uploaded. I did not reupload them after rolling the site back, and the images appeared broken! If anyone notices anything else like this, please let me know and I can get it fixed ASAP.


Fanclub updates are rolling in!

I just want to thank everyone for providing us with such wonderful feedback and making suggestions on how fanclubs can improve. This is the first time that we've taken received so much feedback on a site feature, and it's incredibly encouraging to have everyone testing it out and telling us what they think will improve it and make it better.

We have read through the Q&A responses, as well as those mentioned in the Discord channel, and we'll work with those to make the experience even more fun. Much appreciated!

Games, Games, Games

The Set 2 games have been updated. As always, your Weekly Set can be played again for brand new decks!

It's a new month, and that means that the Monthly Games are also available to play again. Have fun!

Although it's probably still going to be a few weeks or more - Nikki and I did read through the feedback that was provided to us through Q&A in May and June, and we do want to refresh the games again. It has been quite a while since the last time we refreshed the games, and we have a lot of ideas that we hope will encourage regular engagement!

New Decks

The first deck for Mya is stayc-sobadsumin!

Otherwise, you guys voted for these. ♥

New deck randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ab6ix-theanswerdaehwi, bts-onjungkook, bvndit-jungleyiyeon, dc-dejavugahyeon, elris-summerdreamsohee, gf-feveryerin, got7-eclipsejb, nct-boomjisung, nct-resonancewinwin, nct-kickittaeyong, omg-coloringbookyooa, sf9-goodguyyoungbin, skz-sideeffectshan, stayc-sobadsumin, twice-moreandmoremina, victon-remembermechan, wei-twilightdaehyeon, weme-pickypickysei

These decks are released as part of the "Request a deck to be made and released" item in the Carnival Shop.
The member who requested these decks to be released can take 1 additional pull from these decks.
Otherwise, these decks can be taken as part of your regular deck pulls!

caitlin (210704)

Sanna  @ 04 Jul 2021 09:43 pm

Events: 2107-motm\r\n\r\nNew Decks (173): dc-dejavugahyeon17, dc-dejavugahyeon18, omg-coloringbookyooa09, omg-coloringbookyooa10, twice-moreandmoremina08, twice-moreandmoremina09, stayc-sobadsumin08, stayc-sobadsumin09, got7-eclipsejb08, got7-eclipsejb09, nct-boomjisung08, nct-boomjisung09, nct-resonancewinwin13, nct-resonancewinwin14, nct-kickittaeyong03, nct-kickittaeyong04, bts-onjungkook13, bts-onjungkook14

Kearin  @ 06 Jul 2021 12:26 am

Deck Pulls: twice-moreandmoremina06, twice-moreandmoremina09, omg-coloringbookyooa15, omg-coloringbookyooa11, elris-summerdreamsohee14, sf9-goodguyyoungbin10, weme-pickypickysei15, bvndit-jungleyiyeon15, nct-boomjisung07, wei-twilightdaehyeon07, stayc-sobadsumin06, dc-dejavugahyeon06, bts-onjungkook06, got7-eclipsejb06, skz-sideeffectshan06, ab6ix-theanswerdaehwi07, victon-remembermechan07, gf-feveryerin07

Pam  @ 06 Jul 2021 06:37 am

took 2107-motm\r\n\r\nnew sets took ab6ix-theanswerdaehwi01, ab6ix-theanswerdaehwi20, bts-onjungkook03, bts-onjungkook13, got7-eclipsejb05, got7-eclipsejb15, nct-boomjisung01, nct-boomjisung20, sf9-goodguyyoungbin01, sf9-goodguyyoungbin20, skz-sideeffectshan01,\r\nskz-sideeffectshan20, victon-remembermechan05, victon-remembermechan15, wei-twilightdaehyeon05, wei-twilightdaehyeon15

Lex  @ 10 Jul 2021 11:36 pm

New Decks: bvndit-jungleyiyeon03, bvndit-jungleyiyeon19, dc-dejavugahyeon03, dc-dejavugahyeon11, gf-feveryerin04, gf-feveryerin19, stayc-sobadsumin02, stayc-sobadsumin09, twice-moreandmoremina11, twice-moreandmoremina15, weme-pickypickysei01, weme-pickypickysei15, elris-summerdreamsohee12, omg-coloringbookyooa18, bts-onjungkook12, nct-boomjisung11, nct-resonancewinwin17, nct-kickittaeyong16, ab6ix-theanswerdaehwi12, got7-eclipsejb17 // Deck Vote Coupon: dc-dejavugahyeon16

Cami  @ 11 Jul 2021 04:38 am

Event Card: 2107-motm\r\n\r\nNew Decks (210704): gf-feveryerin01, gf-feveryerin02, twice-moreandmoremina01, twice-moreandmoremina02, omg-coloringbookyooa03, omg-coloringbookyooa04, bts-onjungkook05, bts-onjungkook06, got7-eclipsejb07, got7-eclipsejb08, ab6ix-theanswerdaehwi01, ab6ix-theanswerdaehwi02, bvndit-jungleyiyeon03, bvndit-jungleyiyeon04, dc-dejavugahyeon05, dc-dejavugahyeon06, elris-summerdreamsohee07, elris-summerdreamsohee08, nct-boomjisung09, nct-boomjisung10

Catherine  @ 11 Jul 2021 08:55 am

Deck Pulls: skz-sideeffectshan11, skz-sideeffectshan12, nct-kickittaeyong11, nct-kickittaeyong12, nct-resonancewinwin11, nct-resonancewinwin12, nct-boomjisung11, nct-boomjisung12, got7-eclipsejb11, got7-eclipsejb12, dc-dejavugahyeon11, dc-dejavugahyeon12, ab6ix-theanswerdaehwi11, ab6ix-theanswerdaehwi12, bts-onjungkook11, bts-onjungkook12, sf9-goodguyyoungbin11, sf9-goodguyyoungbin12

larlic  @ 17 Jul 2021 08:10 am

New Decks: got7-eclipsejb01, got7-eclipsejb02, bts-onjungkook03, bts-onjungkook04, bvndit-jungleyiyeon03, bvndit-jungleyiyeon04, nct-boomjisung03, nct-boomjisung04, nct-resonancewinwin03, nct-resonancewinwin04, nct-kickittaeyong03, nct-kickittaeyong04, twice-moreandmoremina03, twice-moreandmoremina04, weme-pickypickysei03, weme-pickypickysei04, omg-coloringbookyooa01, stayc-sobadsumin01\r\nDonation pulls:

larlic  @ 17 Jul 2021 08:13 am

Donation pulls: gf-feveryerin01, nct-boomjisung05

Shinya  @ 27 Jul 2021 07:58 am

- Update 173: ab6ix-theanswerdaehwi13, ab6ix-theanswerdaehwi17, dc-dejavugahyeon13, dc-dejavugahyeon17, sf9-goodguyyoungbin13, sf9-goodguyyoungbin17, omg-coloringbookyooa13, omg-coloringbookyooa17, stayc-sobadsumin13, stayc-sobadsumin17, twice-moreandmoremina13, twice-moreandmoremina17, bts-onjungkook13, bts-onjungkook17, victon-remembermechan13, victon-remembermechan17, skz-sideeffectshan13, skz-sideeffectshan17

Mya  @ 29 Jul 2021 06:39 am

Event cards: 2107-motm\r\nUpdate (#173): omg-coloringbookyooa07, omg-coloringbookyooa20, stayc-sobadsumin07, stayc-sobadsumin20, twice-moreandmoremina07, twice-moreandmoremina20, ab6ix-theanswerdaehwi07, ab6ix-theanswerdaehwi20, dc-dejavugahyeon07, dc-dejavugahyeon20, sf9-goodguyyoungbin07, sf9-goodguyyoungbin20, nct-boomjisung07, nct-boomjisung20, nct-resonancewinwin07, nct-resonancewinwin20, nct-kickittaeyong07, nct-kickittaeyong20

yangdizzy  @ 05 Aug 2021 07:13 am

Update (#173): victon-remembermechan02, victon-remembermechan04, omg-coloringbookyooa02, omg-coloringbookyooa04, twice-moreandmoremina02, twice-moreandmoremina04, ab6ix-theanswerdaehwi01, ab6ix-theanswerdaehwi02, dc-dejavugahyeon01, dc-dejavugahyeon02, bts-onjungkook01, bts-onjungkook02, skz-sideeffectshan01, skz-sideeffectshan02, stayc-sobadsumin01, stayc-sobadsumin04, sf9-goodguyyoungbin01, sf9-goodguyyoungbin04 (18/18)\r\nCoupon: victon-remembermechan15

Sanna  @ 20 Sep 2021 02:50 pm

New Decks (173): dc-dejavugahyeon04, dc-dejavugahyeon05, omg-coloringbookyooa07, omg-coloringbookyooa08, twice-moreandmoremina05, twice-moreandmoremina06, bts-onjungkook05, bts-onjungkook06, got7-eclipsejb11, got7-eclipsejb12, skz-sideeffectshan08, skz-sideeffectshan09, sf9-goodguyyoungbin13, sf9-goodguyyoungbin14, elris-summerdreamsohee07, elris-summerdreamsohee08, stayc-sobadsumin01, stayc-sobadsumin02

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