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174 posted by caitlin (210711)

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Idolise for another Sunday update. It's lovely to see you all!

I think that Nikki and I are both quite worn out after busy and tiring weeks, and we hope that you're all looking after your health and taking good care of yourselves. ♥

We'll keep this one short, but there is one order of business!

Our 3 Year Anniversary!

It's kind of crazy to us, but July 1st marked our third anniversary. We completely forgot to mention it in our previous update, but wow. Three years already! A lot has changed since 2018, and we're so happy that Idolise has continued to be an active community that keeps growing. Thank you to our veteran members, our new members, and everyone in between. I'm really looking forward to seeing where the next year takes us!

We're planning an event, but it probably won't happen this month. We know it's a little strange to celebrate our anniversary outside of July, but we just finished an event and we think it'll take us a few more weeks to prepare for another. We'll keep you guys updated as we start to prepare for this!

I did get the 3 Year Anniversary Member Card Thread up, at the very least, since some of you are already eligible for your 4th member card! That's crazy.

Games, Games, Games

It's a Set 1 week, and you are also free to play the Weekly Set as well! Woo! Get your hot and fresh cards.

New Decks

Mya's deck this week is wjsn-secretmeiqi!

Otherwise, you guys voted for these! (And here is your update randomizer)

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

bp-lovesickgirls, bts-onv, bvndit-jungleseungeun, daniel-paranoia, gf-feversowon, got7-eclipsemark, loona-sowhat, nct-boomchenle, omg-coloringbookbinnie, sf9-goodguychani, skz-sideeffectschangbin, svt-thanksseungkwan, twice-moreandmorenayeon, victon-remembermehanse, weme-pickypickyrina, wjsn-secretmeiqi
caitlin (210711)

Cami  @ 11 Jul 2021 04:57 pm

New Decks (210711): gf-feversowon01, gf-feversowon02, omg-coloringbookbinnie01, omg-coloringbookbinnie02, twice-moreandmorenayeon03, twice-moreandmorenayeon04, got7-eclipsemark05, got7-eclipsemark06, svt-thanksseungkwan07, svt-thanksseungkwan08, loona-sowhat09, loona-sowhat10, bp-lovesickgirls11, bp-lovesickgirls12, nct-boomchenle01, nct-boomchenle02, sf9-goodguychani03, sf9-goodguychani04, victon-remembermehanse05, victon-remembermehanse06

Kearin  @ 11 Jul 2021 08:55 pm

Deck Pulls: twice-moreandmorenayeon08, twice-moreandmorenayeon16, omg-coloringbookbinnie14, omg-coloringbookbinnie17, bts-onv07, bts-onv11, got7-eclipsemark20, loona-sowhat11, loona-sowhat19, bp-lovesickgirls14, bp-lovesickgirls18, skz-sideeffectschangbin14, sf9-goodguychani01, weme-pickypickyrina01, gf-feversowon01, victon-remembermehanse10, daniel-paranoia20, weme-pickypickyrina16

Pam  @ 13 Jul 2021 07:39 am

new sets took bts-onv07, bts-onv17, daniel-paranoia05, daniel-paranoia15, got7-eclipsemark05, got7-eclipsemark15, nct-boomchenle01,nct-boomchenle20, sf9-goodguychani01, sf9-goodguychani20, skz-sideeffectschangbin01, skz-sideeffectschangbin20, svt-thanksseungkwan01,svt-thanksseungkwan20, victon-remembermehanse05, victon-remembermehanse15

Lex  @ 14 Jul 2021 02:20 am

New Decks: bp-lovesickgirls02, bp-lovesickgirls19, bvndit-jungleseungeun11, bvndit-jungleseungeun15, gf-feversowon04, gf-feversowon12, loona-sowhat01, loona-sowhat18, twice-moreandmorenayeon05, twice-moreandmorenayeon10, weme-pickypickyrina12, weme-pickypickyrina16, wjsn-secretmeiqi03, wjsn-secretmeiqi09, omg-coloringbookbinnie11, bts-onv15, nct-boomchenle17, victon-remembermehanse12, got7-eclipsemark12, svt-thanksseungkwan17

larlic  @ 17 Jul 2021 08:17 am

New Decks: got7-eclipsemark01, got7-eclipsemark02, bts-onv03, bts-onv04, bvndit-jungleseungeun04, bvndit-jungleseungeun05, nct-boomchenle03, nct-boomchenle04, twice-moreandmorenayeon03, twice-moreandmorenayeon04, weme-pickypickyrina03, weme-pickypickyrina04, bp-lovesickgirls01, gf-feversowon01, loona-sowhat01, omg-coloringbookbinnie01, skz-sideeffectschangbin01, wjsn-secretmeiqi01\r\nDonation pulls: bvndit-jungleseungeun06, gf-feversowon02, nct-boomchenle05

Catherine  @ 19 Jul 2021 01:31 pm

Deck Pulls: got7-eclipsemark11, got7-eclipsemark12, nct-boomchenle11, nct-boomchenle12, svt-thanksseungkwan11, svt-thanksseungkwan12, skz-sideeffectschangbin11, skz-sideeffectschangbin12, bts-onv11, bts-onv12, daniel-paranoia11, daniel-paranoia12, sf9-goodguychani11, sf9-goodguychani12

Shinya  @ 27 Jul 2021 07:57 am

- Update 174: bp-lovesickgirls13, bp-lovesickgirls17, daniel-paranoia13, daniel-paranoia17, sf9-goodguychani13, sf9-goodguychani17, svt-thanksseungkwan13, svt-thanksseungkwan17, omg-coloringbookbinnie13, omg-coloringbookbinnie17, twice-moreandmorenayeon13, twice-moreandmorenayeon17, wjsn-secretmeiqi13, wjsn-secretmeiqi17, skz-sideeffectschangbin13, skz-sideeffectschangbin17, victon-remembermehanse14, victon-remembermehanse17

Mya  @ 29 Jul 2021 06:43 am

Update (#174): omg-coloringbookbinnie07, omg-coloringbookbinnie20, twice-moreandmorenayeon07, twice-moreandmorenayeon20, wjsn-secretmeiqi07, wjsn-secretmeiqi20, bp-lovesickgirls07, bp-lovesickgirls20, daniel-paranoia07, daniel-paranoia20, sf9-goodguychani07, sf9-goodguychani20, svt-thanksseungkwan07, svt-thanksseungkwan20, bts-onv07, bts-onv20, bvndit-jungleseungeun07, bvndit-jungleseungeun20

yangdizzy  @ 05 Aug 2021 06:57 am

Update (#174): victon-remembermehanse01, victon-remembermehanse04, wjsn-secretmeiqi01, wjsn-secretmeiqi04, daniel-paranoia01, daniel-paranoia04, sf9-goodguychani04, sf9-goodguychani06, svt-thanksseungkwan02, svt-thanksseungkwan04, omg-coloringbookbinnie01, omg-coloringbookbinnie04, twice-moreandmorenayeon01, twice-moreandmorenayeon04, bts-onv01, bts-onv04, bp-lovesickgirls01, bp-lovesickgirls04 (18/18)\r\nCoupon: wjsn-secretmeiqi07

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