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172 posted by caitlin (210627)

Hello cute Idolise members (and those of you who don't want to be cute, too)! Welcome back to Idolise for another Sunday update.

Nothing out of the usual today... Nikki and I are hoping to spend a little more time on Idolise this week, and I promised myself I would stop playing so much Minecraft last week. Our goal for the week is to get more decks made, and I'm hoping to get to some of the fanclub suggestions that you guys are leaving behind through Q&A/the Discord.

My laundry list is quite large, and starting tomorrow I'm going to get some work done on it. For those of you waiting for event-shop-related things... Sorry! I haven't forgotten about you! There is no rush on spending event currency, so don't stress if I'm holding you up. That's on us, and we'll allow even more time than you're anticipating.

Speaking of Fanclub - Currency

I know I always joke that I don't know what's happening, and I am just the developer - but I actually forgot that coins is no longer a currency.

Fanclub entry costs gold. Most of you assumed, and no one called me out until yesterday... So I have a feeling you all silently understood! That has been fixed.


What the heck..? June is almost over... If you're celebrating a birthday this month, don't forget to request your badge! Otherwise, get in your donations and dream deck masteries before the end of the month!

Games, Games, Games

Nikki is back this week! Set 1 has been updated, and you can play the Weekly Set as well.

Although the monthly games won't be updated until next Sunday, they have to be played before the month ends! Don't forget.

New Decks

You guys voted for these!

And your new deck randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ab6ix-theanswerwoong, bts-onjimin, bvndit-junglesimyeong, elris-summerdreamkarin, gf-fevereunha, got7-eclipseyugyeom, nct-boomjaemin, omg-coloringbookseunghee, sf9-goodguyzuho, skz-sideeffectsbangchan, stayc-sobadyoon, svt-thankshoshi, twice-moreandmorechaeyoung, wei-twilightseokhwa, weme-pickypickyelly, wjsn-secretyeoreum
caitlin (210627)

Katie  @ 27 Jun 2021 06:57 pm

Deck Pull: bts-onjimin01, gf-fevereunha02, got7-eclipseyugyeom03, nct-boomjaemin04, skz-sideeffectsbangchan05, svt-thankshoshi06, weme-pickypickyelly07, bts-onjimin08, gf-fevereunha09, got7-eclipseyugyeom10, nct-boomjaemin11, skz-sideeffectsbangchan12, svt-thankshoshi13, weme-pickypickyelly14, twice-moreandmorechaeyoung15, wei-twilightseokhwa16, wjsn-secretyeoreum17, twice-moreandmorechaeyoung18, wei-twilightseokhwa19, wjsn-secretyeoreum20

Shinya  @ 29 Jun 2021 06:42 am

- Update 172: ab6ix-theanswerwoong13, ab6ix-theanswerwoong17, omg-coloringbookseunghee13, omg-coloringbookseunghee17, sf9-goodguyzuho13, sf9-goodguyzuho17, skz-sideeffectsbangchan13, skz-sideeffectsbangchan17, stayc-sobadyoon13, stayc-sobadyoon17, svt-thankshoshi13, svt-thankshoshi17, twice-moreandmorechaeyoung13, twice-moreandmorechaeyoung17, wjsn-secretyeoreum13, wjsn-secretyeoreum17, bts-onjimin13, bts-onjimin17

Pam  @ 29 Jun 2021 07:09 am

new sets took ab6ix-theanswerwoong01, ab6ix-theanswerwoong20, bts-onjimin08, bts-onjimin18, got7-eclipseyugyeom01, got7-eclipseyugyeom20, nct-boomjaemin01, nct-boomjaemin20, sf9-goodguyzuho01, sf9-goodguyzuho20, skz-sideeffectsbangchan01,skz-sideeffectsbangchan20, svt-thankshoshi01, svt-thankshoshi20, wei-twilightseokhwa05, wei-twilightseokhwa15

Lex  @ 04 Jul 2021 01:11 am

New Decks: bvndit-junglesimyeong04, bvndit-junglesimyeong12, gf-fevereunha10, gf-fevereunha19, stayc-sobadyoon04, stayc-sobadyoon10, twice-moreandmorechaeyoung03, twice-moreandmorechaeyoung11, weme-pickypickyelly08, weme-pickypickyelly19, wjsn-secretyeoreum07, wjsn-secretyeoreum15, elris-summerdreamkarin11, omg-coloringbookseunghee16, bts-onjimin16, got7-eclipseyugyeom16, nct-boomjaemin18, sf9-goodguyzuho19, skz-sideeffectsbangchan11, svt-thankshoshi20 // Deck Vote Coupon: twice-moreandmorechaeyoung17, wjsn-secretyeoreum20

larlic  @ 10 Jul 2021 06:39 am

New Decks: got7-eclipseyugyeom05, got7-eclipseyugyeom06, bts-onjimin03, bts-onjimin04, bvndit-junglesimyeong03, bvndit-junglesimyeong04, gf-fevereunha01, gf-fevereunha02, nct-boomjaemin03, nct-boomjaemin06, omg-coloringbookseunghee01, omg-coloringbookseunghee02, skz-sideeffectsbangchan01, stayc-sobadyoon01, twice-moreandmorechaeyoung03, twice-moreandmorechaeyoung04, weme-pickypickyelly03, weme-pickypickyelly04\r\nDOnator pull: bvndit-junglesimyeong05, gf-fevereunha03, weme-pickypickyelly05

Cami  @ 11 Jul 2021 04:22 am

New Decks (210627): gf-fevereunha01, gf-fevereunha02, bts-onjimin01, bts-onjimin02, omg-coloringbookseunghee03, omg-coloringbookseunghee04, twice-moreandmorechaeyoung05, twice-moreandmorechaeyoung06, got7-eclipseyugyeom07, got7-eclipseyugyeom08, ab6ix-theanswerwoong01, ab6ix-theanswerwoong02, bvndit-junglesimyeong03, bvndit-junglesimyeong04, elris-summerdreamkarin05, elris-summerdreamkarin06, nct-boomjaemin07, nct-boomjaemin08, wjsn-secretyeoreum09, wjsn-secretyeoreum10

Catherine  @ 11 Jul 2021 08:48 am

Deck Pulls: ab6ix-theanswerwoong11, ab6ix-theanswerwoong12, got7-eclipseyugyeom11, got7-eclipseyugyeom12, nct-boomjaemin11, nct-boomjaemin12, svt-thankshoshi11, svt-thankshoshi12, skz-sideeffectsbangchan11, skz-sideeffectsbangchan12, bts-onjimin12, bts-onjimin13, sf9-goodguyzuho11, sf9-goodguyzuho12

Mya  @ 12 Jul 2021 04:54 am

Update (#172): omg-coloringbookseunghee07, omg-coloringbookseunghee20, stayc-sobadyoon07, stayc-sobadyoon20, twice-moreandmorechaeyoung07, twice-moreandmorechaeyoung20, wjsn-secretyeoreum07, wjsn-secretyeoreum20, ab6ix-theanswerwoong07, ab6ix-theanswerwoong20, sf9-goodguyzuho07, sf9-goodguyzuho19, svt-thankshoshi07, svt-thankshoshi20, skz-sideeffectsbangchan07, skz-sideeffectsbangchan20, elris-summerdreamkarin07, elris-summerdreamkarin20

yangdizzy  @ 05 Aug 2021 03:49 pm

Update (#172): omg-coloringbookseunghee01, omg-coloringbookseunghee02, stayc-sobadyoon02, stayc-sobadyoon03, twice-moreandmorechaeyoung01, twice-moreandmorechaeyoung02, wjsn-secretyeoreum01, wjsn-secretyeoreum02, skz-sideeffectsbangchan01, skz-sideeffectsbangchan04, bts-onjimin01, bts-onjimin04, sf9-goodguyzuho14, sf9-goodguyzuho15, svt-thankshoshi08, svt-thankshoshi14, ab6ix-theanswerwoong02, ab6ix-theanswerwoong04 (18/18)

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