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171 posted by caitlin (210620)

Hello, hello!

It's getting quite late, so I thought I might finally sit down and get this update out to you guys.

Nikki is visiting her parents today, so I am all on my own! You know what that means, right? Yep. Fair warning, I am not updating games!

But I hope that everyone had an awesome weekend. I spent a lot of time outside these past two days and I am really feeling it. It's great to get a little sun, but nothing makes me want to nap more than a warm day.

I owe you guys

I have a small laundry list of suggestions, errors that need fixing, and custom content that I owe you. I just want you guys to know that it's at the front of my mind! Your badges are actually made, I just need a little time to upload them.

Requested fan clubs, at the very least, are made so that you can join and start receiving rewards. I really appreciate the enthusiasm that everyone has for the fan clubs, and I promise to stop playing Minecraft and get back to developing your wonderful suggestions and my other ideas. Please wait just a little bit longer! I am hoping to be a good developer this week and chip away at a few things that you guys have asked for in the Discord that I agree with and think will make navigating the very ugly fan clubs page a little bit easier...


As I mentioned before, I will not be updating games today. I don't like doing it, and I don't want Nikki to have to do it after being out all day.

That should make the Set 2 games extra easy, since you'll have another shot at the same answers! You are also invited to play the Weekly Set, of course.

New Decks

You guys voted for them!

Update randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

bts-onjin, bvndit-junglesonghee, daniel-paranoiaera, elris-summerdreamhyesung, gf-feverumji, got7-eclipsejackson, nct-boomhaechan, omg-coloringbookhyojung, sf9-goodguyjaeyoon, skz-sideeffectshyunjin, stayc-sobadisa, svt-thankswonwoo, twice-moreandmorejeongyeon, weme-pickypickydoyeon, wjsn-secretluda, wno-beautifuljihoon
caitlin (210620)

Pam  @ 22 Jun 2021 10:16 am

new sets took bts-onjin03, bts-onjin13, daniel-paranoiaera04, daniel-paranoiaera14, got7-eclipsejackson05, got7-eclipsejackson15, \r\nnct-boomhaechan01, nct-boomhaechan20, sf9-goodguyjaeyoon01, sf9-goodguyjaeyoon20, skz-sideeffectshyunjin01, skz-sideeffectshyunjin20,svt-thankswonwoo01, svt-thankswonwoo20, wno-beautifuljihoon05, wno-beautifuljihoon15

Catherine  @ 23 Jun 2021 08:25 pm

Deck Pulls: nct-boomhaechan11, nct-boomhaechan12, svt-thankswonwoo11, svt-thankswonwoo12, wno-beautifuljihoon11, wno-beautifuljihoon12, skz-sideeffectshyunjin11, skz-sideeffectshyunjin12, bts-onjin11, bts-onjin12, daniel-paranoiaera11, daniel-paranoiaera12, got7-eclipsejackson11, got7-eclipsejackson12, sf9-goodguyjaeyoon11, sf9-goodguyjaeyoon12

Lex  @ 26 Jun 2021 12:52 am

New Decks: bvndit-junglesonghee05, bvndit-junglesonghee15, stayc-sobadisa09, stayc-sobadisa12, twice-moreandmorejeongyeon05, twice-moreandmorejeongyeon12, weme-pickypickydoyeon13, weme-pickypickydoyeon20, wjsn-secretluda08, wjsn-secretluda15, elris-summerdreamhyesung11, gf-feverumji14, omg-coloringbookhyojung15, wno-beautifuljihoon12, bts-onjin15, daniel-paranoiaera11, got7-eclipsejackson17, nct-boomhaechan18, skz-sideeffectshyunjin19, svt-thankswonwoo20

Cami  @ 26 Jun 2021 10:51 pm

New Decks: gf-feverumji01, gf-feverumji02, elris-summerdreamhyesung01, elris-summerdreamhyesung02, omg-coloringbookhyojung03, omg-coloringbookhyojung04, svt-thankswonwoo05, svt-thankswonwoo06, twice-moreandmorejeongyeon07, twice-moreandmorejeongyeon08, bts-onjin09, bts-onjin10, wno-beautifuljihoon01, wno-beautifuljihoon02, wjsn-secretluda03, wjsn-secretluda04, nct-boomhaechan05, nct-boomhaechan06, sf9-goodguyjaeyoon07, sf9-goodguyjaeyoon08

Shinya  @ 29 Jun 2021 06:37 am

- Update 171: daniel-paranoiaera13, daniel-paranoiaera17, omg-coloringbookhyojung13, omg-coloringbookhyojung17, sf9-goodguyjaeyoon13, sf9-goodguyjaeyoon17, stayc-sobadisa13, stayc-sobadisa17, svt-thankswonwoo13, svt-thankswonwoo17, twice-moreandmorejeongyeon13, twice-moreandmorejeongyeon17, wjsn-secretluda13, wjsn-secretluda17, wno-beautifuljihoon13, wno-beautifuljihoon17, skz-sideeffectshyunjin13, skz-sideeffectshyunjin17

larlic  @ 10 Jul 2021 06:31 am

New Decks: got7-eclipsejackson03, got7-eclipsejackson04, bts-onjin04, bts-onjin05, bvndit-junglesonghee04, bvndit-junglesonghee05, gf-feverumji01, gf-feverumji02, omg-coloringbookhyojung01, omg-coloringbookhyojung02, twice-moreandmorejeongyeon03, twice-moreandmorejeongyeon04, weme-pickypickydoyeon04, weme-pickypickydoyeon05, nct-boomhaechan03, nct-boomhaechan04, skz-sideeffectshyunjin01, stayc-sobadisa01\r\nDOnator pull: gf-feverumji03, nct-boomhaechan05, omg-coloringbookhyojung03, twice-moreandmorejeongyeon05, weme-pickypickydoyeon06

Mya  @ 12 Jul 2021 04:46 am

Update (#171): omg-coloringbookhyojung07, omg-coloringbookhyojung20, stayc-sobadisa07, stayc-sobadisa20, twice-moreandmorejeongyeon07, twice-moreandmorejeongyeon20, wjsn-secretluda07, wjsn-secretluda20, daniel-paranoiaera07, daniel-paranoiaera20, sf9-goodguyjaeyoon07, sf9-goodguyjaeyoon20, svt-thankswonwoo07, svt-thankswonwoo20, skz-sideeffectshyunjin07, skz-sideeffectshyunjin20, elris-summerdreamhyesung07, elris-summerdreamhyesung20

Mya  @ 12 Jul 2021 04:46 am

Deck donation: stayc-sobadisa01

yangdizzy  @ 05 Aug 2021 03:44 pm

Update (#171): omg-coloringbookhyojung01, omg-coloringbookhyojung02, stayc-sobadisa04, stayc-sobadisa05, twice-moreandmorejeongyeon01, twice-moreandmorejeongyeon02, bts-onjin01, bts-onjin04, skz-sideeffectshyunjin01, skz-sideeffectshyunjin04, wjsn-secretluda02, wjsn-secretluda06, daniel-paranoiaera01, daniel-paranoiaera04, sf9-goodguyjaeyoon02, sf9-goodguyjaeyoon06, svt-thankswonwoo01, svt-thankswonwoo04 (18/18)

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