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169 posted by caitlin (210606)

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Idolise for another Sunday update. Have you missed us?

It's A New Month

All related forum posts should be live. I am looking forward to doing a little bit of catchup on the custom content that is still made by me, so if you are waiting for Dream Decks... Well, you're used to it by now! I promise to get them done sometime this week. I want to see what you guys have been up to.

I am also aware that I owe you guys some event cards... I'll get those made soon!

The Event Is Over

And I know you must be eager to spend your tokens!

Our original goal had been to get the shop out to you today, with the end of the event, but I need a little extra time.

My new goal is to have the shop released by the next update. I know how hard a lot of you worked on your masteries! I promise I won't make you wait any longer than that.

Why? Because I wasted all of my spare time on this...

Fanclubs Are Live

A couple of weeks ago, we provided a June teaser and let you know that fanclubs were on the way.

And believe it or not, we actually listened to the feedback you provided through Discord!

This feature is in Beta, and I am releasing it in its most basic form. You can join, and it will give you rewards. But it not very pretty. Most future editions will be purely cosmetic changes and statistics-based, so don't worry about missing out if you join now. This will give us an opportunity to play with it, in its current state, and begin creating fanclubs at your request.

Here's an overview of the current state of fanclubs, as well as what's next in the fanclub development plan:

  • Joining a fanclub costs 7 gold.
      Later on, we'll increase the gold count once the fanclub hits a certain level (not by a lot, maybe by 1 or 2 gold).
  • You can join as many fanclubs as you want, but you can't join the same fanclub twice. Duh.
  • For fanclub members, only masteries made on or after today will contribute to the mastery count.
    • It only counts masteries from members who have joined the fanclub
    • If you join a fanclub later, but have mastered decks from that artist on or after today, those will also contribute to the fanclub mastery count
  • There are two levels within the fanclub
    • Your personal level is only contributed to by your own masteries
    • The fanclub level is contributed to by the entire fanclub
  • For every fanclub, there are two types of rewards. Both types only include decks from that artist, as well as any solo releases that fall under that artist's umbrella.
    • Daily Rewards: The number of daily rewards that you receive is based on your individual level within a fanclub. These rewards are your current fanclub level x 2. If you are level 1, you receive 2 cards. If you are level 2, you receive 4 cards.
    • Weekly Rewards: The number of weekly rewards that you receive is based on the overall level within a fanclub, which every member contributes to. Daily rewards start at 10. For each level a fanclub hits, an additional card will be added to the total.
  • At the moment, the total masteries needed start at 10 (to get to level 2), and then double with each additional level...
    • Level 1 - Every fanclub starts here
    • At 10 masteries, it becomes level 2
    • To get to level 3, add double the previous level (10 x 2 = 20)... So you need 30 masteries
    • Double the previous number to get to level 4 (60 masteries)
    • That means, in order to get to level 10, the fanclub must have submitted a total of 3840 masteries
    • We thought that doubling the amount each time would ensure that fanclubs don't get too crazy reward wise, and most will likely cap at level 10
    • If we think that this is completely bonkers and doesn't work, we will change it in the future
    • But the fanclub will show how many masteries are needed for both your own level, and the fanclub level

In the future, we're planning on adding/including the following:

  • Fanclub Badges (similar to level badges, but for each fanclub you're a part of)
  • Fanclub Stats (the ability to see your contribution % to the fanclub)
  • Fanclub Activity (ex. 50 masteries over the last 30 days)

We don't often release new features when they're in a half-finished state, but we want feedback on fanclubs. We have made it the Q&A question this month, but I genuinely want to encourage you guys to send me messages on Discord to provide us with additional feedback and have a back and forth conversation about it.

Games, Games, Games

Set 2, Weekly Games and Monthly Games are all free to play again!

(And please check out deck vote... We finally added decks, and will be returning to our regularly scheduled deck releases from now on.)

I know that I teased some daily games a few weeks ago, and those are still in the works! Nikki and I have been discussing them, and once I get a chance to code them, we will launch them immediately. These games will replace some of the forum games you lost, and give you new games in between updates. We're really looking forward to rolling them out to you guys.

caitlin (210606)

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