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167 posted by caitlin (210523)

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Idolise for another Sunday update. We're hitting you with a late update today, right? We went for a little walk in the rain and enjoyed some frozen pizza!

How has your day? We hope that you're all doing well!

Games, Games, Games

Nikki has updated Set 2! You can also play the Weekly Set, of course.

To Come In June

We think that the next couple of weeks at Idolise are going to be quite exciting... We've been discussing the future of Idolise and what we want to work towards, so we thought we would do a little teaser! This is what's to come soon in June!

  • Fan clubs are coming!
    • None of you asked what this means, even though we mentioned it last week...
    • It will be an opportunity to get more cards from the artists that you like
    • As well as compete against your fellow members on a month-to-month basis, similar to the event
  • New weekly and maybe even daily games are on the way
    • We're hoping these will make up for the gap that forum games have left behind
    • We want to reward our active members with something new in the form of daily games

We would love to know what your initial feelings are towards these ideas. Give us some feedback, okay? We're very interested.

See You Next Time

We're done, we're done! Are you guys missing the deck releases? We're curious... Just a few more weeks and deck vote will be functional again. See you soon!

caitlin (210523)

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