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166 posted by caitlin (210516)

Hello, hello! Welcome back to another Idolise update.

It feels kind of weird, but I don't have a whole lot to tell you guys today.

Since we aren't doing deck updates at the moment, the rest of the May updates will continue to act as event news and game updates.

Event Shop

As promised, a glimpse into the event shop!

Although the event shop will not be officially opening until the end of the event, we wanted to let you guys know some of the items that will be available for purchase.

For the most part, the shop will include the typical items that you already know and are used to... But we thought we might give you a glimpse into some of the unique items, and share a few of the more expensive costs that we're considering so that you know what to shoot for, should you decide you want to work towards any of these.

  • Request an era to be made: 300 tickets. Era will be added to upcoming so that all members can vote for it.
  • Request a deck to be made and released: 150 tickets. The single deck will be made and/or released by end of June.
  • The ability to buy into a fan club: 15 tickets. Don't get stressed out if you are not participating in the event. Buying into a fan club will also exist in our regular shop for normal currency, and details are coming soon as I work on this throughout the rest of May.
  • The ability to swap out a certain amount of cards in your trade post for new cards: 15 tickets. The amount will be added later. This randomizer will only include decks from the last 250 releases, or something similar. You get the drift!
  • The ability to purchase a single powerup of your choosing: 10 tickets. Unlike the current restrictions on coupons, there will be none for this shop. This is great for those who may want to buy a specific coupon and hold onto them for when you need them/want to use them.

Games, Games, Games

Nikki has updated the Set 1 games for all of you to play! As always, feel free to jump on the Weekly Set as well for some new cards.

Freebies and Boo are updated as well, of course.

Okay, bye!

I guess that's it! Also worth mentioning that Nikki and I have started making decks, so we're looking forward to uploading those towards the end of the month! For now, we've decided to keep them secret. :)

caitlin (210516)

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