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164 posted by caitlin (210502)

Hello! This may be one of the latest updates we've ever done, but we are exhausted. In fact, I wasn't even planning on releasing decks today... But I had a slight second wind!

To keep this extra short, I have decided to wait one week before posting the event details.

I may post it randomly during the workweek if I am feeling up to it, but this move has been really tiring! No one told us that moving would be hard, so we're left wondering if our bodies will ever recover. It's going well, though, and we are settling in slowly.

I am also aware that I need to post some new forum topics for Weekly Tasks, Dream Decks, etc... But I am very excited to lay down! So I'll get those to you tomorrow when I'm at work.


Nikki updated the Set 1 games on Friday, which is when we were originally planning on updating...

She has not updated the monthly games... So please play the April games again! Woo!

(And we are releasing all of the decks, so deck note is currently on hold)

Freebies and Boo are updated. ♥


Nikki and I are planning on making a lot of decks between now and June. Until then, here are the rest!

Update randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ace-goblinchan ateez-wonderlandyeosang gidle-ohmygodsoojin gncd-wannabedonghyun gncd-wannabejibeom gncd-wannabey hl-canbebetterdoojoon jbj95-awakesanggyun laboum-fireworksoyeon nct-superhumantaeil skz-19 skz-doubleknot skz-ex skz-ontrack tbz-dddhaknyeon tbz-dddjacob tbz-dddkevin tbz-dddq tbz-dddsangyeon twice-whatislovedahyun twice-whatislovejeongyeon twice-whatislovesana twice-whatislovetzuyu
caitlin (210502)

Pam  @ 03 May 2021 09:43 am

new sets took ace-goblinchan01, ateez-wonderlandyeosang20, gncd-wannabedonghyun01, gncd-wannabejibeom20, gncd-wannabey01, hl-canbebetterdoojoon20, jbj95-awakesanggyun01, nct-superhumantaeil20, skz-1901, skz-doubleknot20, skz-ex01, skz-ontrack20, tbz-dddhaknyeon01, tbz-dddjacob20, tbz-dddkevin01, tbz-dddq20, tbz-dddsangyeon01

larlic  @ 06 May 2021 05:44 am

New Decks: hl-canbebetterdoojoon01, hl-canbebetterdoojoon02, jbj95-awakesanggyun01, jbj95-awakesanggyun02, nct-superhumantaeil03, nct-superhumantaeil04, twice-whatislovedahyun03, twice-whatislovedahyun04, twice-whatislovejeongyeon03, twice-whatislovejeongyeon04, twice-whatislovesana03, twice-whatislovesana04, twice-whatislovetzuyu03, twice-whatislovetzuyu04, gidle-ohmygodsoojin01, gidle-ohmygodsoojin02, ateez-wonderlandyeosang01, ateez-wonderlandyeosang02, gncd-wannabejibeom01, gncd-wannabejibeom02, skz-doubleknot01, skz-doubleknot02, skz-ex01, skz-ex02, skz-ontrack01, skz-ontrack02 (- coupon-pulls2, coupon-pulls2, coupon-pulls2, coupon-pulls2)

Shinya  @ 07 May 2021 08:12 am

- Update (164): ace-goblinchan13, ace-goblinchan17, ateez-wonderlandyeosang13, ateez-wonderlandyeosang17, gidle-ohmygodsoojin13, gidle-ohmygodsoojin17, laboum-fireworksoyeon13, laboum-fireworksoyeon17, tbz-dddhaknyeon13, tbz-dddhaknyeon17, tbz-dddjacob13, tbz-dddjacob17, tbz-dddkevin13, tbz-dddkevin17, tbz-dddq13, tbz-dddq17, tbz-dddsangyeon13, tbz-dddsangyeon17

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