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163 posted by caitlin (210425)

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Idolise for another Sunday update. This is another quick one, but we do have a few things to note...

(I also want to mention that most of the custom content you guys are waiting for me is uploaded, so if you check the related folder for your dream deck badge by typing the name in, you may be able to find it! But I'll get those up ASAP.)

For Members Returning from Hiatus

Some of you may have noticed a new yellow button in the member panel.

Something we have been discussing for a while is how to best welcome members back after a long hiatus. We thought this could be a great way for returning members to refresh their trade piles upon return so that they have an easier time trading with active members!

Of course, returning members should read what is written on that page, to make sure that it applies to you... But we anticipate questions, and we welcome them!

Important Note About Next Update

We are moving next weekend, so we have decided that our next update will not be on Sunday, but instead, on Friday. April 30th will be the next Idolise update. There will be no update on May 2nd. So make sure that you play Set 1 games (from last week) so that you don't miss out on them... As well as forum freebies.

Important Deck Release Note

Those of you who vote each week may have already noticed that our deck pool is a little small. This is on purpose!

This is probably going to scare quite a few of you, but we are going to be releasing all remaining upcoming decks next week. Plan accordingly! We want to encourage everyone you all to continue voting this week, even though it may seem pointless so that you can get a final choice card coupon and those randomized rewards! Just vote for something.

In May, we're going to work hard to get a lot of decks made! When we say a lot, we mean a lot. We're going to be having nonstop deck-making parties inside of our new apartment.

But to keep you guys busy throughout the month, we actually have quite a competitive event on the way to keep you all entertained. Okay?

Games, Games, Games

This week, Nikki has updated Set 2 games, and you are free to play the Weekly Set, as always.

New Decks

You guys voted for these!

Update randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ace-goblinjun, ateez-wonderlandjongho, gidle-ohmygodshuhua, gncd-wannabebomin, hl-canbebetterdongwoon, jbj95-awakekenta, jinhyuk-ilikethatera, laboum-fireworkzn, mx-followminhyuk, nct-superhumanyuta, oneus-lithwanwoong, rcpc-bouncysohee, skz-levanter, sujeong-tigereyesera, tbz-dddyounghoon, twice-whatislovejihyo
caitlin (210425)

Ayay  @ 26 Apr 2021 02:46 pm

New Decks (04/25/21): ace-goblinjun05, ateez-wonderlandjongho05, gidle-ohmygodshuhua05, gncd-wannabebomin05, hl-canbebetterdongwoon05, jbj95-awakekenta05, jinhyuk-ilikethatera05, laboum-fireworkzn05, mx-followminhyuk05, nct-superhumanyuta05, oneus-lithwanwoong05, rcpc-bouncysohee05, skz-levanter05, sujeong-tigereyesera05, tbz-dddyounghoon05, twice-whatislovejihyo05

Pam  @ 27 Apr 2021 11:41 am

new sets took gncd-wannabebomin01, gncd-wannabebomin20, jinhyuk-ilikethatera01, jinhyuk-ilikethatera20, mx-followminhyuk03,\r\nmx-followminhyuk13, nct-superhumanyuta05, nct-superhumanyuta15, oneus-lithwanwoong01, oneus-lithwanwoong20, skz-levanter01, skz-levanter20, tbz-dddyounghoon01, tbz-dddyounghoon20

Ashley  @ 27 Apr 2021 10:04 pm

New Decks:\r\nsujeong-tigereyesera05, mx-followminhyuk10, rcpc-bouncysohee05, tbz-dddyounghoon04, skz-levanter04, gncd-wannabebomin04, jbj95-awakekenta02, oneus-lithwanwoong15, hl-canbebetterdongwoon06, jinhyuk-ilikethatera06, nct-superhumanyuta06, twice-whatislovejihyo06, ace-goblinjun13, gidle-ohmygodshuhua13, ateez-wonderlandjongho13, laboum-fireworkzn13

Mya  @ 29 Apr 2021 04:42 am

Update (#163): ateez-wonderlandjongho07, ateez-wonderlandjongho20, ace-goblinjun07, ace-goblinjun20, gidle-ohmygodshuhua07, gidle-ohmygodshuhua20, gncd-wannabebomin07, gncd-wannabebomin20, laboum-fireworkzn07, laboum-fireworkzn20, oneus-lithwanwoong07, oneus-lithwanwoong20, rcpc-bouncysohee07, rcpc-bouncysohee20, tbz-dddyounghoon07, tbz-dddyounghoon20, hl-canbebetterdongwoon07, hl-canbebetterdongwoon20

larlic  @ 29 Apr 2021 05:50 am

New Decks: hl-canbebetterdongwoon01, hl-canbebetterdongwoon02, jbj95-awakekenta01, jbj95-awakekenta02, gidle-ohmygodshuhua04, gidle-ohmygodshuhua05, nct-superhumanyuta03, nct-superhumanyuta04, twice-whatislovejihyo03, twice-whatislovejihyo04, ateez-wonderlandjongho01, ateez-wonderlandjongho02, gncd-wannabebomin01, gncd-wannabebomin02, oneus-lithwanwoong01, oneus-lithwanwoong03, skz-levanter01, skz-levanter02\r\nDonator pull: nct-superhumanyuta05

Lex  @ 30 Apr 2021 12:21 am

New Decks: gidle-ohmygodshuhua04, gidle-ohmygodshuhua10, rcpc-bouncysohee09, rcpc-bouncysohee14, sujeong-tigereyesera03, sujeong-tigereyesera20, twice-whatislovejihyo08, twice-whatislovejihyo13, laboum-fireworkzn11, ace-goblinjun14, ateez-wonderlandjongho11, gncd-wannabebomin19, hl-canbebetterdongwoon17, jbj95-awakekenta15, jinhyuk-ilikethatera17, mx-followminhyuk20, nct-superhumanyuta18, oneus-lithwanwoong12, skz-levanter19, tbz-dddyounghoon20 // Deck Vote Coupon: gidle-ohmygodshuhua17, twice-whatislovejihyo18

Shinya  @ 02 May 2021 06:13 am

- Update (163): ace-goblinjun12, ace-goblinjun17, ateez-wonderlandjongho13, ateez-wonderlandjongho17, gidle-ohmygodshuhua13, gidle-ohmygodshuhua17, gncd-wannabebomin13, gncd-wannabebomin17, laboum-fireworkzn13, laboum-fireworkzn17, oneus-lithwanwoong13, oneus-lithwanwoong17, rcpc-bouncysohee13, rcpc-bouncysohee17, tbz-dddyounghoon13, tbz-dddyounghoon17, hl-canbebetterdongwoon13, hl-canbebetterdongwoon17

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