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159 posted by caitlin (210328)

Good morning, good morning! My sweet Nikki is having some laptop trouble this week and her computer has been sent away from repair, so it's only me today... But I thought that it would be a good week to share some personal news about your admin team because we do have some real-life updates that may be affecting the site in the coming weeks.

First, I want to thank you guys for the continued patience as I wrap up my final year as a student. I am finishing school on April 21st, and I will be returning to work the following Monday! This is quite exciting, because my nights and weekends will be truly free, and I genuinely miss working on new Idolise features.

I worried that Idolise would die while I was getting my education because updates are so important for community growth... But honestly, you guys have kept the site going. We've retained so many members over these past 18 months, and Nikki and I are very eager to give back to all of you with new ideas we've been tossing around for a while. We have some really great ideas.

I am also happy to announce that Nikki and I will be moving in together! The apartment is all ours on May 1st. This is huge for us as best pals, but I also think that it's big for Idolise. We genuinely enjoy working on the site when we're together, but COVID and school have both majorly affected that!

Admittedly, with starting a new job and moving, there will be some delays in April and May... But this is going to be a really fun summer for Idolise. I just know it! We're so excited.

(Hopefully when you saw this unusual wall of text, you didn't assume the worst... These are all very good things, and we are excited to continue being a reliable admin team!!!)


Whoa, March is almost over? You know what that means! It's time to get your monthly stuff in on the forum. Go, go! You have until the end of Wednesday. If you need anything from me during this time, just message me on Discord. I promise to respond if you need some extra time. ♥

Games, Games, Games

So... As Nikki is out today, and I hate updating games... The answers for Set 2 have not changed! This is wonderful for all of you because it's the easiest type of Sunday. The rare Sunday where game answers are not updated, and you already know them all! Go get those cards, you cuties. Feel free to also play the Weekly Set... And of course, make sure you have already played the Monthly Games. You have until the end of Wednesday for those.

New Decks

The fourth and final deck for Ms. Yangdizzy is hl-canbebettergikwang!

Otherwise, you guys voted for these. ♥

(Can't forget the update randomizer.)

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ateez-wonderlandhongjoong, bp-lovesickgirlsjennie, dc-whatsiyeon, hl-canbebettergikwang, itzy-notshychaeryeong, izone-fiestawonyoung, mmoo-newyorksolar, mx-followshownu, nct-superhumanjohnny, ptg-humphshinwon, rv-russianrouletteirene, skz-blueprint, txt-cantyouseemetaehyun, weme-tikitakalucy, wjsn-dreamscometruesoobin, wooseok-redmoonera
caitlin (210328)

larlic  @ 28 Mar 2021 02:05 pm

New Decks: hl-canbebettergikwang01, hl-canbebettergikwang02, bp-lovesickgirlsjennie01, bp-lovesickgirlsjennie02, dc-whatsiyeon03, dc-whatsiyeon04, itzy-notshychaeryeong03, itzy-notshychaeryeong04, izone-fiestawonyoung01, izone-fiestawonyoung02, nct-superhumanjohnny03, nct-superhumanjohnny04, rv-russianrouletteirene03, rv-russianrouletteirene04, weme-tikitakalucy03, weme-tikitakalucy04, txt-cantyouseemetaehyun01, wjsn-dreamscometruesoobin01\r\nDonator pull: weme-tikitakalucy05

Katie  @ 28 Mar 2021 11:10 pm

Deck Pull: mx-followshownu01, nct-superhumanjohnny02, rv-russianrouletteirene03, skz-blueprint04, weme-tikitakalucy05, mx-followshownu06, nct-superhumanjohnny07, rv-russianrouletteirene08, skz-blueprint09, weme-tikitakalucy10, ateez-wonderlandhongjoong11, txt-cantyouseemetaehyun12, bp-lovesickgirlsjennie13, itzy-notshychaeryeong14, izone-fiestawonyoung15, ateez-wonderlandhongjoong16, txt-cantyouseemetaehyun17, bp-lovesickgirlsjennie18, itzy-notshychaeryeong19, izone-fiestawonyoung20

Shinya  @ 30 Mar 2021 06:47 am

- Update (159): ateez-wonderlandhongjoong13, ateez-wonderlandhongjoong17, bp-lovesickgirlsjennie13, bp-lovesickgirlsjennie17, dc-whatsiyeon13, dc-whatsiyeon17, itzy-notshychaeryeong13, itzy-notshychaeryeong17, izone-fiestawonyoung13, izone-fiestawonyoung17, ptg-humphshinwon13, ptg-humphshinwon10, rv-russianrouletteirene13, rv-russianrouletteirene17, txt-cantyouseemetaehyun13, txt-cantyouseemetaehyun17, wjsn-dreamscometruesoobin13, wjsn-dreamscometruesoobin17

Pam  @ 30 Mar 2021 07:47 am

new sets took mx-followshownu08, mx-followshownu18, hl-canbebettergikwang05, hl-canbebettergikwang15, nct-superhumanjohnny01,nct-superhumanjohnny20, ptg-humphshinwon01, ptg-humphshinwon20, skz-blueprint05, skz-blueprint15, txt-cantyouseemetaehyun05, txt-cantyouseemetaehyun15, wooseok-redmoonera01, wooseok-redmoonera20

Mya  @ 30 Mar 2021 02:28 pm

Update (#159): ateez-wonderlandhongjoong07, ateez-wonderlandhongjoong20, wjsn-dreamscometruesoobin07, wjsn-dreamscometruesoobin20, txt-cantyouseemetaehyun01, txt-cantyouseemetaehyun02, bp-lovesickgirlsjennie01, dc-whatsiyeon01, dc-whatsiyeon02, itzy-notshychaeryeong01, izone-fiestawonyoung01, izone-fiestawonyoung02, hl-canbebettergikwang07, hl-canbebettergikwang20, mx-followshownu07, mx-followshownu20, bp-lovesickgirlsjennie02, itzy-notshychaeryeong02

Lex  @ 02 Apr 2021 07:24 pm

New Decks: bp-lovesickgirlsjennie04, bp-lovesickgirlsjennie12, dc-whatsiyeon11, dc-whatsiyeon15, itzy-notshychaeryeong08, itzy-notshychaeryeong13, mmoo-newyorksolar02, mmoo-newyorksolar16, rv-russianrouletteirene03, rv-russianrouletteirene10, weme-tikitakalucy08, weme-tikitakalucy19, wjsn-dreamscometruesoobin04, wjsn-dreamscometruesoobin16, izone-fiestawonyoung16, wooseok-redmoonera15, nct-superhumanjohnny16, ptg-humphshinwon17, txt-cantyouseemetaehyun18, hl-canbebettergikwang16 // Deck Vote Coupon: rv-russianrouletteirene14

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