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156 posted by caitlin (210307)

Hello, hello! Greetings to all of our Idolise cuties.

It's a brand new month! That means... New MOTM! Congratulations to Yangdizzy. ♥ We'll be releasing a deck for them every week!

Of course, you also get your brand new event cards...

210301, 2103-motm

Actual Update Freebies

How rare! Update freebies? We can't remember the last time we did something like this... But!

To celebrate Brave Girls Rollin' making it to the top of the charts, four years after its release, we everyone to take choice cards spelling out ROLLIN. Use them however you'd like, on any decks that were released BEFORE today.

Regarding April Decks

Due to some recent news involving a number of April members, we have decided to pause quite a few era decks and make their worth zero for the time being. For you, as members, this simply means that those decks will no longer appear in the randomizer. They can still be mastered if you'd like, but new cards won't be generated from the site... With the exception of some 2015 decks, which may appear in 2015 randomizers. I will fix this ASAP, it has been a while since I have dug into any of the site code.

Obviously, with idol controversy, we do what we can to keep up with circulating rumors and make decisions based on that. With that being said, however, we are not perfect and we can't know everything that is going on. We welcome the members to reach out to us on Discord if they feel that we have missed something that we don't seem to be taking approriate action for. Thank you!

Games, Games, Games

It's the big one! Nikki has updated Set 1 and Monthly Games! As always, feel free to play the Weekly Set. You're going to come out of today with so many cards.

We're discontinuing the forum games! This does not include freebies... Is freebies even a game?

We may make up for these cards through regular games in the future, but I don't think very many of you are going to miss them! Forum games are a little bit outdated, and they're high effort in terms of participation... We have seen interaction go down quite a bit, so for now, we've decided to lock them in a folder and take a break from it.

New Decks

The first deck for Yangdizzy is (of course) wjsn-dreamscometrueyeoreum!

Otherwise, you guys voted for these!

Update randomizer.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

ace-goblindonghun, akmu-rebyechanhyuk, ateez-wonderlandsan, bp-lovesickgirlsrose, bts-daechwita, dc-whathandong, gidle-ohmygodyuqi, gncd-wannabedaeyeol, itzy-notshylia, mmoo-newyorkhwasa, nct-superhumantaeyong, omg-liarliarjiho, skz-backdoor, txt-cantyouseemeyeonjun, weme-tikitakalua, wjsn-dreamscometrueyeoreum
caitlin (210307)

Shinya  @ 08 Mar 2021 02:26 pm

- Update (156): ace-goblindonghun13, ace-goblindonghun17, ateez-wonderlandsan13, ateez-wonderlandsan17, bp-lovesickgirlsrose13, bp-lovesickgirlsrose17, dc-whathandong13, dc-whathandong17, gidle-ohmygodyuqi13, gidle-ohmygodyuqi17, gncd-wannabedaeyeol13, gncd-wannabedaeyeol17, itzy-notshylia13, itzy-notshylia17, txt-cantyouseemeyeonjun13, txt-cantyouseemeyeonjun17, wjsn-dreamscometrueyeoreum13, wjsn-dreamscometrueyeoreum17

Pam  @ 09 Mar 2021 09:44 am

took 210301, 2103-motm\r\n\r\ntook R-mx-rush03, O-mx-shootoutwonho19, L-mx-allin04, L-mx-alligatorkihyun20, I-mx-fighterjooheon20, N-mx-ongsimi05\r\n \r\nnew sets took bts-daechwita03, bts-daechwita12, ace-goblindonghun01, ace-goblindonghun20, akmu-rebyechanhyuk01, akmu-rebyechanhyuk20, ateez-wonderlandsan01, ateez-wonderlandsan20, gncd-wannabedaeyeol01, gncd-wannabedaeyeol20, nct-superhumantaeyong01, nct-superhumantaeyong20, skz-backdoor01, skz-backdoor20, txt-cantyouseemeyeonjun01, txt-cantyouseemeyeonjun20

Mari  @ 11 Mar 2021 03:02 am

New Decks: ateez-wonderlandsan06, ateez-wonderlandsan18, dc-whathandong08, dc-whathandong15, itzy-notshylia05, itzy-notshylia15, txt-cantyouseemeyeonjun03, txt-cantyouseemeyeonjun18, weme-tikitakalua02, weme-tikitakalua12, wjsn-dreamscometrueyeoreum09, wjsn-dreamscometrueyeoreum13\r\n, bts-daechwita02, nct-superhumantaeyong14, omg-liarliarjiho03, akmu-rebyechanhyuk12, skz-backdoor18, gidle-ohmygodyuqi03

larlic  @ 13 Mar 2021 07:39 am

Event cards: 210301, 2103-motm\r\nNew decks: bp-lovesickgirlsrose01, bp-lovesickgirlsrose02, bts-daechwita03, bts-daechwita04, dc-whathandong03, dc-whathandong04, itzy-notshylia03, itzy-notshylia04, nct-superhumantaeyong03, nct-superhumantaeyong04, omg-liarliarjiho03, omg-liarliarjiho04, skz-backdoor01, skz-backdoor02, txt-cantyouseemeyeonjun01, weme-tikitakalua03, weme-tikitakalua04, wjsn-dreamscometrueyeoreum01\r\nDonator pull: weme-tikitakalua05

Lex  @ 13 Mar 2021 10:17 pm

New Decks: bp-lovesickgirlsrose05, bp-lovesickgirlsrose19, dc-whathandong07, dc-whathandong12, gidle-ohmygodyuqi09, gidle-ohmygodyuqi16, itzy-notshylia02, itzy-notshylia18, mmoo-newyorkhwasa04, mmoo-newyorkhwasa16, weme-tikitakalua13, weme-tikitakalua20, wjsn-dreamscometrueyeoreum05, wjsn-dreamscometrueyeoreum13, omg-liarliarjiho09, bts-daechwita18, skz-backdoor17, txt-cantyouseemeyeonjun19, ace-goblindonghun18, ateez-wonderlandsan20 // Deck Vote Coupon: dc-whathandong19, gidle-ohmygodyuqi11 // Event Cards: 210301, 2103-motm

Ayay  @ 21 Mar 2021 05:37 pm

New Decks (03/07/21): ace-goblindonghun02, akmu-rebyechanhyuk02, ateez-wonderlandsan02, bp-lovesickgirlsrose02, bts-daechwita02, dc-whathandong02, gidle-ohmygodyuqi02, gncd-wannabedaeyeol02, itzy-notshylia02, mmoo-newyorkhwasa02, nct-superhumantaeyong02, omg-liarliarjiho02, skz-backdoor02, txt-cantyouseemeyeonjun02, weme-tikitakalua02, wjsn-dreamscometrueyeoreum02

Ashley  @ 25 Mar 2021 05:40 am

New Decks: bts-daechwita02, bts-daechwita07, nct-superhumantaeyong03, nct-superhumantaeyong03, dc-whathandong05, gidle-ohmygodyuqi04, gncd-wannabedaeyeol16, bp-lovesickgirlsrose19, ateez-wonderlandsan17, akmu-rebyechanhyuk10, ace-goblindonghun07, skz-backdoor10, txt-cantyouseemeyeonjun14, weme-tikitakalua06, wjsn-dreamscometrueyeoreum19, omg-liarliarjiho10, mmoo-newyorkhwasa07, itzy-notshylia11

Ashley  @ 25 Mar 2021 05:45 am

Freebies: bts-bloodsweatandtears10, rv-redflavor14, bts-bloodsweatandtears01, bts-bloodsweatandtears07, bts-bloodsweatandtearsjin12, bts-bloodsweatandtears16

Mya  @ 30 Mar 2021 02:10 pm

Event cards: 210301, 2103-motm\r\nUpdate (#156): wjsn-dreamscometrueyeoreum07, wjsn-dreamscometrueyeoreum20, ateez-wonderlandsan07, ateez-wonderlandsan20, omg-liarliarjiho07, omg-liarliarjiho20, txt-cantyouseemeyeonjun12, txt-cantyouseemeyeonjun14, ace-goblindonghun03, ace-goblindonghun04, bp-lovesickgirlsrose01, itzy-notshylia01, bp-lovesickgirlsrose02, itzy-notshylia02, bts-daechwita07, bts-daechwita20, skz-backdoor07, skz-backdoor20

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